GTA 6: Leaked Basketball Mini-Game Heats Up Player Anticipation

Fans eager for more GTA 6 details are buzzing after leaks hinted at the potential return of a beloved feature: the basketball mini-game.

GTA Fans Buzzing Over Leaked Basketball Mini-Game in GTA 6

Since the first trailer’s reveal, players have been hungry for more information about the highly anticipated title. While it shed light on some aspects of the game, many questions remain unanswered, particularly regarding new features that might shake up the traditional GTA gameplay formula.

Rockstar has the opportunity to revive beloved features from previous games and offer them a fresh twist in GTA 6. According to a now-deleted Reddit post from user Well_Look_Whos_Back, known for accurate leaks in the past, the basketball mini-game could be making a comeback.

The rumor, originally surfacing in February 2024, gained traction again on popular platforms like Reddit. The prospect of a 3v3 basketball mini-game, reminiscent of the popular feature in GTA San Andreas, has sent players into a frenzy.

GTA 6 Basketball

The response on social media is overwhelmingly positive, with fans eagerly anticipating the chance to hit the court. Comments like “Let’s f***ing gooooo finally like bruh who tf wanted golf and tennis” and “It’ll probably have better mechanics than 2k” showcase the excitement for this potential addition.

While the exact details and integration of the leaked mini-game remain unclear, fans are optimistic about the return of this classic feature.

About GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto VI is the upcoming eighth installment in the long-running Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, following 2013’s GTA V. Set in the fictional state of Leonida, inspired by Florida, and its Miami-esque city of Vice City, the story is expected to revolve around a criminal duo: Lucia, the series’ first female protagonist since 2000, and her male partner. The first trailer depicts Lucia as a prison inmate who escapes with her partner.