Grace Charis, a beautiful golfer, reveals her wild hair in a revealing shirt, and her fans are obsessed

(Source: Instagram/itsgracecharis)

Grace Charis, a well-known social media influencer in the golfing world, recently posted a fresh, racy video to her Instagram account.

Grace Charis, a stunning golfer, bares her wild hair in a revealing shirt, and her adoring followers can’t stop gushing

The new ‘crazy golf girl’ video that Grace Charis shared to Instagram has rendered some of her most ardent admirers incapable of uttering a single word.

The 20-year-old, who has over a million Instagram followers, posted a video of herself on the course, swinging her clubs and flashing her gorgeous smile.

It was written in the accompanying caption that went with the video that “Crazy hair… crazy golf girl.”

It would appear that her devoted following loved this new gift from Charis, with one audience member describing her as “pure perfection.”

(Source: Instagram/itsgracecharis)

“I adore your wild hair and your eccentric personality.”

“I adore her crazy hair and infectious grin. Someone someone chimed in, “Magnificent.”

In 2023, Charis had a great year, and one of the highlights was when she achieved one million followers on Instagram in March of that year.

She mentioned earlier this year that a few of her most committed fans frequently send her items for the purpose of featuring it on her Instagram and other pages.

(Source: Instagram/@itsgracecharis)

“I like to plan them [her posts] out quite a bit actually,” she remarked of her posts.

“I order new clothes all the time and my fans will send me new outfits to try from my Amazon wish list, so that’s really fun!She continued, “As a creator, I am constantly on the lookout for new and improved opportunities and ideas.”

It would appear that she has a packed schedule for the remaining months of the year.