Gigi Hadid Refuses to be “Too Thin”, Even for Dream Model Job


American model Gigi Hadid has just been named ‘Model of the Year’ and it’s easy to see why the rising face is on her way to the top – Gigi’s down-to-earth personality is just as astonishing as her good looks. Although she modelled as a child, Gigi has only recently landed a major contract with IMG Models and is now launching a full time career as a model. Gigi explains that despite her commitment, she won’t sacrifice her health and will always stay fit and eat well. She commented on her plan:

”I’m all for one month of going really hard and eating really healthy and boxing every day if you’re doing it for like one job, but I’ve always said, ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane. I find a lot of importance in that.”


The model adds that she won’t ever be “too thin” even if her dream job requires it, she would refuse to put herself at risk and she has always embraced her athlete figure. The 17-year-old wisely adds that she will only work with clients who are able to accept her how she looks currently:

”When I walked into IMG [her modeling agency], my one thing was like, ‘I’ll be fit. I’ve always been an athlete my whole life but there’s one thing I will not even do if it means turning away a dream of mine and that is to be too thin. I want to work with people that want to work with me and how my body is.'”