Gigi Hadid on Her Beauty Icon & the Power of Makeup


Model Gigi Hadid, who recently landed a beauty campaign with Maybelline, has commented on how she feels about makeup and who her personal beauty icon is. The model admits that she has always wanted to look like Candice Swanepoel and thinks she looks gorgeous at events because her makeup never hides her natural beauty:

“When I was young I loved Candice Swanepoel’s makeup looks for events. I think she does a really great job of letting the makeup show off her face rather than take it over.”

Gigi says that although beauty should come from within, she thinks makeup has the ability to change her mood and make her feel upbeat. The model explains that just applying some can shift how she feels:

“I think that makeup has the power to really change someone’s confidence. It is true that beauty comes from within, but I know that when I’m feeling down and I put makeup on, it automatically makes me feel beautiful and therefore changes my mood. Good makeup is one of the best accessories.”

Revealing one of her own personal beauty secrets, Gigi says she has found a unique way to exfoliate her lips that she loves to work into her beauty routine:

“Using sugar scrub with a mascara-tester-wand on your lips is a great way to exfoliate them!”

Her mother has taught her not to overdo it when it comes to makeup and also made sure Gigi took care of her skin from a young age. She said:

“My mum mostly taught me about taking care of my skin, especially protecting it from sun-damage . . . She also taught me that less is more with makeup.”