Getting a Face Lift? 6 Expert Points to Consider

Getting a facelift is smart if you want to get rid of wrinkles. However, there are a couple of points to consider before getting the procedure done. I’ve talked about them below. Let’s get to it. 

Be Wary of the End Results 

What are you expecting from the facelift? If you’re expecting to look younger forever, you will sadly be mistaken. The procedure would take back a couple of years, but it won’t stop the clock. You will continue to get wrinkles, even though you’ve gotten rid of a few. 

Speaking of the results, they may not exactly be what you were expecting. Talk to your doctor and discuss what the results would be without going into the procedure with unrealistic expectations. 

It Will be Painful  

Although a facelift is not a major cosmetic procedure, you will still feel pain after you get it done. You will likely have to rest on bed for a week or two. Of course, how long the recovery process will exactly take differs per person. 

You should watch the activities you do right after the surgery. Some would make recovering more difficult. Don’t worry, your doctor would run you through the activities to avoid and the best things to do. 

Right after surgery, you would be able to handle the pain well. You will likely be given a cocktail of strong pain killers, so you wouldn’t be able to feel anything. Once you leave the hospital and go back is when the discomfort would kick in. 

It May be Costly

Ask yourself how you would be funding the procedure. Facelifts are cosmetic procedures, so your health insurance won’t cover them. Unfortunately, they can be expensive, so you might have to tap into your savings. 

Many people go abroad for plastic surgery, as it can be much more affordable in another country. Research whether this would be the case or not for you, and decide whether you should buy a ticket or not. 

Choose Your Doctor

When looking for Alberta facial plastic surgery, don’t settle. You’re advised to look around carefully and not work with just anyone. You need to get the procedure done by a plastic surgeon that knows what they are doing. Not only would this make the procedure safer, but you will see better results from your facelift too., renowned plastic surgeon in Alberta has a list of some of the best professionals you could work with. 

You May Feel Stiff

Many people who get facelifts done complain that their face feel still afterward. The truth is, this can happen. You have to be careful with the doctor you choose, as they may botch the surgery and restrict the movement of your facial muscles.  

Some People are Better Candidates

Some people are better candidates for facelifts than others. If you have high cheekbones, you will be a prime candidate. If you suffer from very elastic skin, you won’t be that great of a candidate, unfortunately. You will get very elastic skin if you spend a lot of time in the sun.