Get the Look: Gucci’s Twiggy Inspired Autumn 2014 Beauty


The new Gucci Autumn/Winter 2014 collection has just arrived on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week and already the stunning 60s inspired eye makeup has beauty lovers talking. Taking their inspiration from the famous doe-eyed model Twiggy, the dark and precise eye makeup was flawlessly applied on each model. This look is all about emphasized lashes, so if you want to copy it exactly, get your hands on some fake (but still quite natural looking) black lashes for both upper and lower lids.

To start off, select a thin nibbed black liquid eyeliner and apply a precise line under the waterline of your lower lashes. Repeat the line on your top lashes and tightline the upper area to create a solid dark line (read our tightline guide here). Where the two lines come together at the corner of your eye, leave a gap and flick each line out towards your hairline slightly instead. Now, take a white kohl eyeliner pencil and add a subtle white line on the waterline of your lower lashes – this will give you that wide-open eye look that Twiggy channeled so often.

Now carefully glue your fake lashes to your top and bottom lids and trim them if they look unnaturally long with a small scissors (be careful not to trim any of your real lash hairs in the process!). Adding some layers of mascara and building up the dramatic eye look, you’ve now replicated Gucci’s gorgeous catwalk makeup. Add simple matte foundation and leave your lips simple and nude to keep the focus on you eyes.