Get Ready to Jam: How to Use Jam Tracks in Fortnite Festival

Fortnite Jam Tracks
Image via Epic Games

Get ready to unleash your inner music maestro, as Fortnite Festival and its Jam Stage mode are set to launch on December 9th, bringing with them a brand new way to interact with music: Jam Tracks!

What are Jam Tracks in Fortnite?

Jam Tracks are your existing Lobby Songs, but with a twist. Starting December 9th, you can modify and remix them in the Jam Stage mode, allowing you to create a personalized musical experience. With other players, you can change the mood, rhythm, and tone of songs, making them your own.

What can I do with Jam Tracks?

While the specifics of how Jam Tracks will be utilized in-game remain somewhat mysterious until the release of Jam Stage, leaked loading screen tips provide some insight:

  • Change the tempo
  • Switch between minor and major modes
  • Complete quests
  • Join friends

How do I get Jam Tracks?

New Jam Tracks are obtained from Lobby Songs earned as battle pass rewards or purchased from the Store. The game currently displays a message on Lobby Songs stating “Jam Track to be included at a later date,” indicating these are the tracks you’ll be able to modify. It’s unclear if standalone Jam Packs will be available for purchase in the future.

What are the first Jam Tracks?

Leaks suggest that Evanescence’s “Fallen” will be the first new Jam Track released with the Festival, based on the album cover discovered in the game files. While no other Jam Tracks have been officially revealed, existing Lobby Songs are likely to be repurposed for the Fortnite Festival.

With the Fortnite Festival and its Jam Stage mode just around the corner, get ready to unleash your inner music maestro and create unique musical experiences with your friends. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have fun!