Georgia May Jagger Shares Her Homemade Beauty Treatments


Georgia May Jagger has shared some of her top homemade beauty treatments that are easy to make and try yourself. The British model says her mother, supermodel Jerry Hall, swears by creating her own hair masks from a mixture of two oils. She adds that she likes to create her own shaving oil that helps to exfoliate her legs and make them look polished:

“My mom is always doing olive oil and almond oil hair masks .Another home treatment that’s good is brown sugar and olive oil. You shave with it and it exfoliates, so it makes your legs super, super soft.”

Sharing another tip, Georgia says she came up with a great way to reduce waste as she was using her juice press – by creating a face mask out of the leftovers. She explained the environmentally friendly idea:

“The other day I used the juice press, and I was going to take the pulp of the cucumbers to make a face mask. I never quite got round to that, but it was a very eco idea. Reuse! That’s the point I want to get myself to, where I’m cold-press juicing and then making face-masks. That’s the dream!”

Speaking on her favourite accessory, Georgia says she loves sunglasses, especially a new pair she just bought by Dolce & Gabbana because she thinks they really make an outfit special:

“Sunglasses, obviously! I’m obsessed with the foldable, round Ray Ban ones. They pack up small, so I can bring more with me when I travel. I also just got these new Dolce & Gabbana ones that have cherry blossoms on them, and I’m quite into shades with gems too. Sunglasses are like shoes or a nice bag. If you can’t be bothered to make an effort, you can just wear black or whatever, and then you put on a funky, sparkly pair of sunglasses and you look dressed up.”