Genshin Impact Thundering Pulse Guide: Skill, Refinement, Materials and Where to Find Them

The Thundering Pulse, a majestic bow crackling with electrical might, beckons Genshin Impact players seeking to unleash a storm of Normal Attack fury. This guide delves into its secrets, from its potent weapon skill to the materials needed to forge its ultimate power.

Genshin Impact Thundering Pulse Guide


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The Thundering Pulse boasts a unique weapon skill called Rule by Thunder. This skill grants a 20% ATK increase at its base level, already setting a powerful foundation for your attacks. But the true fury lies in the Thunder Emblem. This emblem can be stacked in three ways:

  • Normal Attack: Deal damage with a Normal Attack that triggers your character’s Elemental DMG. Each stack lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Elemental Skill: Cast your character’s Elemental Skill. Each stack lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Low Energy: Keep your character’s Energy below 100%. Each stack disappears when Energy reaches 100%.

With a maximum of 3 stacks, the Thunder Emblem unleashes its true power: boosting your Normal Attack DMG by 12/24/36% at levels 1/2/3 respectively. This dynamic ability rewards aggressive playstyles and strategic energy management, allowing you to unleash a storm of attacks with each strike.


Thundering Pulse Genshin Impact
The Thundering Pulse’s power continues to grow with refinement. Each level increases the base ATK buff and the Normal Attack DMG bonuses provided by the Thunder Emblem. At its maximum refinement level (R5), the Thundering Pulse can grant a whopping 40% ATK increase and boost your Normal Attack DMG by up to a staggering 80% with a maxed-out Thunder Emblem.


To ascend your Thundering Pulse to its full glory, you’ll need to gather specific materials found throughout Teyvat. Here’s what you’ll need for each ascension level:

  • Ascension 1: 5 Narukami’s Wisdom, 5 Dismal Prism, 3 Firm Arrowhead, 10,000 Mora
  • Ascension 2: 5 Narukami’s Joy, 18 Dismal Prism, 12 Firm Arrowhead, 20,000 Mora
  • Ascension 3: 9 Narukami’s Joy, 9 Crystal Prism, 9 Sharp Arrowhead, 30,000 Mora
  • Ascension 4: 5 Narukami’s Affection, 18 Crystal Prism, 14 Sharp Arrowhead, 45,000 Mora
  • Ascension 5: 9 Narukami’s Affection, 14 Polarizing Prism, 9 Weathered Arrowhead, 55,000 Mora
  • Ascension 6: 6 Narukami’s Valor, 27 Polarizing Prism, 18 Weathered Arrowhead, 65,000 Mora

Narukami’s Magatamas can be obtained by challenging the Court of Flowing Sand Domain on Narukami Island. This Domain favors Geo and Cryo characters due to the increased Shield Strength and Crystallize reaction buff.

Dismal Prism, Crystal Prism, and Polarizing Prism drop from Mirror Maidens, found primarily across Inazuma. Use the Adventurer Handbook to track their locations.

Firm Arrowhead, Sharp Arrowhead, and Weathered Arrowhead are common drops from all types of Hilichurl Shooters.

With this guide and the Thundering Pulse in hand, you’re ready to unleash a storm of attacks and dominate the battlefield in Genshin Impact. So, aim true, traveler, and let the thunder roar!