Genshin Impact Leak Hints at Long-Awaited Geo Healer for Natlan

Get ready, Geo enthusiasts! A recent leak suggests that the fiery nation of Natlan in Genshin Impact might be bringing not just Pyro characters, but a brand new Geo addition as well.

Genshin Impact Leak Hints at Long-Awaited Geo Healer for Natlan

Unlike Fontaine and Sumeru, whose upcoming characters have been whispered about online, Natlan has remained shrouded in mystery. We knew about a potential Claymore 5-star and two Catalyst 5-stars, but a leak from the reliable source “White” throws a new element (literally) into the mix – Geo.

According to White, Natlan will be introducing a 5-star Geo character designed to bolster existing Geo teams in Genshin Impact. While the weapon type remains unconfirmed, players are eagerly hoping for a Catalyst user. Interestingly, the leak describes the character as having a “large chest,” which some interpret as hinting at a tall female model.

Crumbs about a new 5.x character
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Filling the Geo Healer Gap?

The leak sparks discussions about how this character might impact the Genshin Impact meta. Notably, Geo currently lacks a dedicated healer. While Noelle has some healing capabilities through Constellations, a true Geo healer would significantly boost Geo team versatility, especially Mono Geo compositions.

Navia’s Unexploited Potential?

While Version 4.5’s Chiori surprised everyone with strong support capabilities for the Geo claymore user Navia, many players believe Navia’s true potential remains untapped. The arrival of Navia and Chiori signaled HoYoverse’s continued focus on the Geo element, and this trend seems likely to continue in Natlan, possibly arriving in Version 5.0 or later.

Genshin Impact Natlan Geo

With this leak, Geo players have something exciting to look forward to in the fiery landscapes of Natlan. The wait for official confirmation continues, but the prospect of a new Geo support character, especially a potential healer, is sure to spark discussions and team-building strategies within the Genshin Impact community.