Genshin Impact 4.3 Character Tier List for January 2024

Genshin Impact’s vast roster of 76 characters can be overwhelming for players trying to build the perfect team. Fear not, travelers! This December 2023 tier list will guide you through the best of the best, helping you conquer Teyvat’s toughest challenges.

Genshin Impact 4.3 Character Tier List for December 2023

Tier Character
SS Furina, Ayaka, Kazuha, Zhongli, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Yelan, Ganyu, Bennett, Xiangling, Yae Miko, Nahida
S Navia, Neuvillette, Xiao, Albedo, Klee, Tartaglia, Venti, Mona, Keqing, Kokomi, Itto, Ayato, Eula, Alhaitham, Kuki Shinobu, Baizhu
A Wriothesley, Razor, Jean, Rosaria, Yanfei, Fischl, Barbara, Yoimiya, Thoma, Diluc, Tighnari, Cyno, Wanderer, Yaoyao, Kaveh, Kirara, Charlotte
B Sucrose, Chongyun, Diona, Xinyan, Xingqiu, Sayu, Kujou Sara, Gorou, Yun Jin, Shenhe, Heizou, Candace, Nilou, Lyney
C Noelle, Lisa, Kaeya, Traveler, Ningguang, Beidou, Qiqi, Aloy, Collei, Dori, Layla, Faruzan, Lynette
D Amber, Dehya

Top of the Tier

Hydro Queen: Furina

The newest Archon arrives with a splash, channeling healing and damage buffs like a Hydro-powered Bennett. Manage her health bar like a precious treasure, and watch enemies melt under your party’s combined might.

Cryo Comet: Ayaka

Since her debut in 2.0, Ayaka has remained a force to be reckoned with. This Cryo swordswoman excels as both DPS and sub-DPS, effortlessly triggering the Melt reaction and tearing through foes with graceful precision.

Image via HoYoVerse

Swirling Samurai: Kazuha

Inazuma’s first son stole hearts (and stunned enemies) with his Anemo versatility. Kazuha deals impressive damage solo, but truly shines when amplifying your team’s elemental chaos. Swirl a symphony of destruction and witness the Spiral Abyss crumble.

Shield of Serenity: Zhongli

Once an underdog, Geo daddy has ascended to godhood. His Jade Shield grants unparalleled defensive freedom, letting your DPS characters strut their stuff without fear of interruption. Build him right, and Zhongli becomes the immovable rock upon which your victories are built.


Pyro Phoenix: Hu Tao

This fiery polearm wielder dances on the edge of a knife, trading health for devastating Pyro damage. Mastering her risky yet rewarding playstyle unlocks one of Genshin’s most potent DPS options. Just remember, a healthy zdose of caution is the secret sauce to Hu Tao’s success.

While this tier list highlights the strongest contenders, Genshin Impact is a tapestry woven with personal playstyle, weapon/artifact availability, and team composition. Don’t let tier placement deter you from building your favorites!