Genshin Impact 3.5, 3.6 leaks – New banners release date and returning events

Genshin Impact 3.5 Banner Leaks

Here are all the Genshin Impact banner leaks for updates  3.5, and 3.6 for the 2023 schedule, as well as Dehya and Mika’s splash art, release date, and abilities..

Genshin Impact 3.5 character , Banner Leaks

According to the leaks, we can expect the following Genshin Impact 3.5 banners:

  • Genshin Impact Dehya banner
  • Genshin Impact Mika (4-star)
  • Genshin Impact Eula banner rerun
  • Genshin Impact Shenhe banner rerun
  • Genshin Impact Ayaka banner rerun

Genshin Impact 3.6 character , Banner Leaks

The first Dendro character the player comes into contact with is Baizhu, the owner of the Bubu pharmacy in Liyue and the caretaker of the five-star Cryo Sword character Qiqi. Players have been exposed to Baizhu multiple times, and it looks like Dendro will finally make his playable debut in the Version 3.6 update.

  • The five-star Hydro Sword character Nilou
  • The five-star Dendro Catalyst character Nahida
  • The five-star Cryo Sword character Kamisato Ayaka
The following is the leaked Genshin Impact banner schedule for 2023, from February to April, with the next three updates.

  • February 2023
    • Update 3.4 phase 2 – Hu Tao rerun
    • Update 3.4 phase 2 – Yelan rerun
  • March 2023
    • Update 3.5 – Dehya and Mika
    • Update 3.5 – Eula, Shenhe, Ayaka (rerun possibilities)
  • April 2023
    • Update 3.6 – Baizhu and unnamed new character
    • Update 3.6 – Nahda rerun possibility

Genshin Impact 3.5 Returning events

Several other events have also been hinted at. Fantastic Fungus Frenzy from v3.2 appears to have been upgraded to Shroom Tower Defence, with Spices from the West and Vibro-Crystal Research also returning. The 3.5 update will also include a Pac-Man-style mode with numerous maps. Eula, Kokomi, and Sara will be added to the minigame in the TCG mode as well.

3.5 pacman-like activity via Genshin Yuban from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Mika and Dehya release date

According to leaks, Mika and Dehya will be released on March 1st.

Mika and Dehya splash art

GenshinImpact’s official Twitter account revealed these characters would be included in the next update.

Dheya, from the Mantichora constellation, is a 5-stars pyro character with the nickname “Flame-Mane.” You’ve already met her in the most recent chapters of the story that take place in Sumeru.

Known as “Coordinates of Clear Frost,” Mika Schmidt is a 4-stars cryo character associated with the Palumbus constellation who is described as the “Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius.” He’s part of Eula’s Reconnaissance Company.


Aside from splash art, leaks provide us with our first glimpse of their potential abilities and skills. The following is allegedly Dehya’s kit:

  • Elemental Skill:
    • Inserts her Claymore into the ground to make a grave
    • Attacking within range of grave creates co-ordinated attacks
    • Grave provides a defense buff
    • Has 15 seconds duration
  • Elemental Burst – Bladestorm
    • Deals fixed amounts of DMG every 0.4 seconds over 3.5 seconds burst duration
    • Gives her three unique ‘jumps’
    • These jumps appear to be forms of teleportation/phasing
    • Deals AoE level 2 impulse pryo DMG in a 4m radius
    • When burst ends she deals a 4m high Pyro AoE attack that deals impulse type 5 damage in a 6m radius

As for Mika, all that has possibly been revealed is that holding Q heals everyone in a party, while holding E fires “some sort of bullet” and leaves a target mark for enemies.