Genshin Impact 3.1 & 3.2 leaks – Dendro Hypostasis and Comming Events

The most recent Genshin Impact leaks reveal a few of the in-game events that will be included in the anime RPG’s version 3.1 update later this month, as well as the appearance of Dendro Hypostasis in the 3.2 version.

Genshin Impact 3.1 & 3.2 leaks

The 3.1 update introduces new in-game events

A new Genshin Impact leak reveals several major events that HoYoverse intends to include in the RPG with the version 3.1 update. Players can expect four new events, two new bosses, and the Sumeru desert map expansion, which has already been teased. For the time being, it appears that the events are Song of the Cups, Wind Chaser, Star-Sojourn, Seeker’s and Hyakunin Ikki.

The leak is a short video clip from a YouTuber named Ruri, which you can watch below. We can see an in-game Events Overview page for version 3.1 in the video.

Song of the Cups, for example, has a Festive Fever meter, making it the most important event of the bunch. Festive Fever meters are typically used in the past to indicate that the event is made up of several small challenges or mini-games that must be completed in order to progress and earn rewards. There’s also an Event Story tab, which suggests that well-known characters will appear in the event’s plotline. Venti and Eula should both make an appearance if previous 3.1 leaks are correct.

The mention of outdoor adventure in Star-Sojourn Seeker’s suggests that this event will center on Sumeru exploration. The mysterious new Domain mentioned in the Wind Chaser description, on the other hand, implies that it could be a combat challenge. Finally, most devoted players will be familiar with Hyakunin Ikki, a recurring event that requires players to use various character combinations.

In terms of bosses, it appears that two Ruin enemies are on their way: the Perpetual Motion Dragon and the Control Matrix. The latter appears entirely new, whereas the former resembles Sumeru’s flying Ruin enemies. These two bosses are expected to drop ascension materials for upcoming roster additions Cyno, Nilou, and Candace.

HoYoverse will most likely add the Dendro Hypostasis to the 3.2 versionGenshin Impact 3.1 3.2 leaks

This information comes from prominent Genshin leaker UBatcha, and follows the reveal of two other normal bosses in version 3.1. They tweeted the information and then added a comment saying that players ought to be able to figure out who uses the boss’s materials. According to recent release schedule rumors, it appears that Kusanali (or Nahida), the Dendro Archon, will require the Dendro Hypostasis loot for her character ascension.

For teams that rely on the Elemental Mastery stat, Kusanali is said to be a great support because she increases EM for characters that are on the field while staying off it herself. As a result, players looking for a Dendro character in reaction-focused teams will likely have to battle the new Hypostasis.

This information was also confirmed by hxg diluc, another well-known leaker. He quotes Ubatcha’s tweet and then claims that the Dendro Hypostasis is as difficult as the Hydro Hypostasis. For those who have fought against the latter, this can be viewed as both a positive and a negative.

The boss battle with the Hydro cube is very simple, but one of the potential similarities could be that the boss has a variety of ways to heal itself during the battle, making it more unpleasant than particularly difficult. Hopefully the Dendro Hypostasis is not affected in the same way.