Genius Invokation Undivided Heart Card Guide: Abilities, Pros, Cons & How to Get

Ganyu reigns supreme in Genius Invokation, and a key part of her dominance lies in the coveted Undivided Heart card. This guide unveils the reasons behind its popularity, dissects its strengths and weaknesses, and explains how to add it to your arsenal.

Genius Invokation Undivided Heart Card Guide


Undivided Heart is a 3-star Talent Skill card with a cost of 5 Cryo dice. When Ganyu is your active character, playing this card equips it to her and immediately triggers her signature Frostflake Arrow attack.

Genius Invokation Undivided Heart

The true power lies in the enhanced Frostflake Arrow. With Undivided Heart equipped, Frostflake Arrow gains an additional 1 Cryo DMG if it’s been used earlier in the match. Additionally, it unleashes a devastating 3-piercing DMG to all enemy standby characters. This piercing effect can cripple entire teams, especially when combined with the Superconduct reaction.

Pros & Cons

The strategic advantages of Undivided Heart are undeniable:

  • Combo Potential: The additional piercing damage on consecutive Frostflake Arrows is a game-changer. When combined with the Superconduct reaction, this effect can potentially eliminate the entire opposing team, making Ganyu a force to be reckoned with.
  • Solo Show Potential: With strategic dice management and the right deck build, Ganyu equipped with Undivided Heart can potentially take down the entire enemy team single-handedly.

As with any potent card, the Undivided Heart comes with its own considerations:

  • Dice Dependency: The hefty cost of 5 Cryo dice for Frostflake Arrow can be a hurdle, especially without consistent dice generation cards like “Blizzard Strayer” or “Jade Chamber.”
  • Limited Dice Pool: The standard 8 dice pool might not always allow for rapid consecutive Frostflake Arrow usage, hindering the card’s full potential.

Claiming Your Undivided Heart

Despite these drawbacks, Undivised Heart remains a coveted card. Acquiring it is thankfully straightforward. Head to “The Cat’s Tail Tavern” and issue a challenge to Ganyu through the invitation board. Complete the objectives presented in the “Friendly Fracas” match, and this powerful card will be yours to add to your deck!

By incorporating Undivided Heart into your strategy, you can unlock Ganyu’s true potential and dominate the battlefield in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG. However, remember to strategize dice usage to overcome the card’s cost limitations and maximize its devastating potential.