Gangland heiress-turned-OnlyFans star Dhakota Williams shared a series of photos in which she was wearing an extremely tiny nurse-themed swimwear

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Dhakota Williams, formerly a gangland heiress and now an OnlyFans star, sends chills down spines in a nurse-themed bikini that can barely hold her massive bust.

Gangland heiress-turned-OnlyFans star Dhakota Williams posted images of herself in small nurse-themed swimwear

On Monday night, Dhakota Williams attempted to circumvent Instagram’s filter bubble.

The 21-year-old posted a series of photos of herself wearing swimwear with a nurse theme that was very small.

A bikini top that barely covered her big bust was all that was worn. She finished the disguise by donning a pair of tiny underpants and a nurse’s cap.

The curvy beauty, who wore minimal makeup and let her hair down, looked anything but matronly in the outfit.

Dhakota’s caption consisted just of a hospital emoji because she was dressing as a nurse for the evening.

One of her followers commented, “I suddenly have cancer, help me please,” demonstrating their excitement at the message.

“Hurry up my cat just ran me over,'” one person remarked, while “Your curves are beautiful”  was written by someone else.

Dhakota’s OnlyFans business is incredibly lucrative.

She flaunted her penchant for extravagant spending last week when she posted a selfie of herself in her bedroom wearing a $750 Versace robe.

Dhakota posed for a selfie with a female companion while wearing the expensive pajamas.

Dhakota is making a mint off OnlyFans. The 21-year-old proved she likes to splash the cash as she posed in her bedroom in a Versace robe, which retails for $750

“Me, but twice,” she wrote as the caption for the photographs.

When Dhakota turned 21, she rewarded herself with a $100,000 BMW.

Roberta, Dhakota’s doting mom, who also has an OnlyFans profile, posted an Instagram shot of her daughter with her new car.

She wrote above the photo, “I am so proud of you,” adding, “As a mum I couldn’t be more prouder of the beautiful lady you have become.”

“You work hard to have the finer things in life my little princess the mould was definitely broken.”

“Your dad will be shining down on you today as he does every day,” Roberta wrote, referring to her late husband, the murdered drug kingpin and underworld monarch Carl Williams. I am elated by your success.

Dhakota recently treated herself to a $100,000 brand new BMW after turning 21

Dhakota and her mom both joined OnlyFans in August.

The two recently talked to The Daily Telegraph about their entry into the sex industry, explaining that they felt they had “no choice” given their notorious past.

“I can’t get a normal job like anyone else,”  Roberta complained to the press.

Dhakota, meanwhile, revealed that she had deliberated membership for long time before deciding to take the plunge.

“Mum gave me the courage to do it. There is no shame in owning your femininity.”

When Dhakota’s father, the drug lord Carl, was killed in 2010 by fellow convict Matthew Charles Johnson in Barwon Prison, Dhakota was just nine years old.