Gal Gadot Does Her Own Makeup in Four Minutes


Actress Gal Gadot, who is set to appear as Wonder Woman in new film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has opened up on her beauty and skincare routine. She explains that for the role she has to have lots of extra hair added and wears heavy makeup, so whenever she gets the chance to go without, she much prefers to be natural and often even attends meetings with no makeup on. She explained:

“I had to have a lot of extra hair put in for filming Wonder Woman, but she’s an Amazon and they obviously don’t wear heavy make-up. Less is more for me, too. If it’s my day off and I have no meetings, I won’t wear any make-up at all.”

When she does decide to wear makeup, Gal comments that she only spends around 4 minutes putting together her beauty look and just applies some foundation, mascara and colour to her cheeks. She adds that she is always happy to take it all off:

“If I do wear some, it literally takes me four minutes to put on. I mix my moisturiser with foundation – apply mascara, some blush and some contour, that’s it. I look forward to taking it off at the end of the day. When they say, ‘Ok, that’s a wrap,’ I’m so happy to wash it all off.”

Gal insists that she doesn’t like the idea of cosmetic surgery and hopes to never go down that route. Instead she opts for regular facials and takes care of her skin:

“I’m not into injections like other actresses, no. I’m concerned about my skin though and I need to keep it in good condition. I’m up for trying things like facial acupuncture, and I do enjoy regular facials. They’re necessary because I train and sweat a lot, plus I wear a lot of make-up for hours when I’m working.”