Fun Ideas for Your Next Guys or Girls Night

Everyone is looking to spend more time with their friends. But doing the same old, same old and just hitting a bar or restaurant can get dull. Instead, try some new ideas to bring fresh life to your next guys or girls night. We’ve gathered together five of the best ideas that are anything but stale!

Option One: Hit the Bowling Alley
A night of bowling is a great chance to bond, goof off, blow off steam and relax. Plus, it’s more active than your typical dinner out (which can be especially great if you all work desk jobs). What better way to release stress from the workweek than to knock down pins?

It’s easy to chat while someone else takes their turn, so it guarantees everyone will mingle. The game itself provides an easy flow to the night and the action will never lull. Order a pitcher of beer or soda, tons of finger food and let loose with the guys or girls!

Option Two: Throw a Poker Night

Tired of all your usual board games? Update game night by organizing a poker game at your place. You can play for candy, scratch-off tickets or other fun prizes. Or go all in and play for cash! If you’ve been friends for years, poker is a wonderful way to prove how well you know each other. See who can read each other’s tells, and find out how well your friends can guess what you’re thinking!

For a sophisticated game, it’s easy to set up; you just need cards, chips and a timer. (This timer app makes it simple to keep the game on track.) Want to go all-in for the theme? Encourage everyone to dress to the nines, just like they were hitting a real casino.

Option Three: Have a Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

Skip the argument over what toppings to order (and where from) and host a make-your-own pizza party instead. You don’t have to be a great cook to make this happen. Just lay out cheeses, toppings and pre-made crusts, let your guests top them, then pop them in the oven!

The guys or girls can have fun choosing their toppings or trying out new combos. And if your friend group has people with different dietary needs? This is a great way to make sure everyone makes what works for them. When dinner’s over, you can even make dessert pizzas with sweet toppings!

Option Four: Share a Laugh at a Comedy Show

Tired of hitting the movies? Mix it up a bit and look for a comedy night to check out. If there’s a big-name comedian you all love touring nearby, make plans to see them. Otherwise, search for local comedy clubs and find the best new comics in your scene.

It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a drink, share a laugh, and forget about your stresses with your friends. If there are no shows nearby? No worries! Gather the guys or girls and watch the latest comedy special on Netflix. As an added bonus, you’ll all have inside jokes to share for months to come.

Option Five: Relive Your Childhood Sleepovers

Remember how much fun sleepovers were? Staying up late talking, watching movies, playing fun games, eating junk food? There’s no reason it has to be in the past. Invite your best friends over, make pillow forts, play video games, and have some silly, nostalgic fun.

You can go full-on with the nostalgia theme. Watch your favorite childhood movies, eat snacks you all love and remember, and dance to hits from your past. Forget all about adulting and go back to another time. The guys and girls will love the chance to be kids again.

Make Your Next Guys or Girls Night Truly Special

For your next guys or girls night, don’t settle for the same tired routine. Instead, get creative and try something new and unique. Whether you play poker, go bowling, make pizzas, have a sleepover, or find a comedy show, it’ll be a blast.