Fortnite x Mandalorian Event: Release Date, New Vehicle, Wookie Weapon, and More!

Get ready to blast off to a galaxy far, far away! Fortnite is teaming up with Star Wars once again, this time celebrating everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, the Mandalorian.

About Fortnite

Fortnite is a popular online battle royale game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. It offers a unique blend of building, shooting, and survival gameplay, allowing players to unleash their creativity by constructing forts and crafting weapons to outlast their opponents.

Fortnite x Star Wars Mandalorian Event Release Date

While there’s no official release date yet, leaks suggest the event kicks off around Saturday, May 4th, 2024. This coincides perfectly with Star Wars Day, making it an epic in-game celebration for fans. The event duration remains unconfirmed, but similar collaborations typically last a couple of weeks for players to experience everything.

What’s in Store?

This collaboration isn’t just for Fortnite players! Prepare for a crossover event extending to Rocket League as well. Leaks hint at a focus on Fortnite’s Rocket Racing mode, but expect exciting additions to the main Battle Royale too.

Leaked rewards:

  • Mandalorian Vehicle Skin: Buckle up, Mando fans! A special Mandalorian vehicle skin is rumored to be arriving in both Fortnite and Rocket League. The design remains a mystery, but it could be inspired by Din Djarin’s iconic ship, the Razor Crest, or the cool hover scooters.
  • Wookie Bowcaster: Get ready to unleash Chewbacca’s fury! Leaks suggest the Wookie Bowcaster might be added to the loot pool. This powerful weapon is said to fire rapidly or unleash a charged-up blast.
  • Possible Event Pass: Previous Star Wars collaborations featured Event Passes with free and premium rewards. We’ll have to wait and see if this Mandalorian event follows suit.

Star Wars Mandalorian Fortnite

This is just the beginning, trooper! We’ll keep you updated on all the official announcements and exciting details leading up to the event. Stay tuned and prepare for a Mandalorian May the 4th in Fortnite!