Fortnite patch notes 24.40 : release date, Ranked mode release time confirmed, material changes & details

Fortnite patch notes 24.40 : release date, Ranked Play, material changes & details

Fortnite patch notes 24.40 : release date

The developers haven’t made an official announcement yet, but Fortnite update 24.40 is likely to arrive on Tuesday, May 17, 2023, the patch is likely to go live at 1AM PT. / 4 AM ET / 9  BST .

When does the new Fortnite Ranked mode come out?

Fortnite ranked mode will come out is May 17th.

It was previously scheduled for May 16, but Epic Games has explained that it will launch tomorrow instead of update 24.40.


Fortnite 24.40 update material changes

These changes mainly affect the materials used to build and will apply in regular matches as well as Ranked :

  • Material caps will be decreased from 999 to 500.
  • Players will drop 50 of each material when they are eliminated.
  • Harvesting rates will be slightly increased.

Fortnite early patch notes 24.40 details :


  • Multiple outfits may appear shiny/glossy.
  • Back Blings appear to float detached when equipped with the Clone Trooper outfit.
  • Clone Trooper head movement appears static.

Mobile & cloud gaming

  • The Cobra DMR’s scope may not display correctly.

Battle Royale & Zero Build

  • Large Rocks on the Battle Royale Island are not providing as many materials when Harvested compared before v24.20.
  • Players swinging with ODM Gear may find themselves unable to enter build mode.

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