Fergie Opens Up on Her Beauty Routine & Copying Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup

Posted by admin on May 19th, 2018

‘Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie has opened up on her beauty routine now that she’s a mother to son Axl with her actor husband Josh Duhamel. She reveals that she now likes to just add some drama to her eyes by slicking on some mascara when she’s heading out and she says that her young son even finds the process funny to watch. She commented that he gets a kick out of seeing her try out beauty treatments too:

”I’m more of a just mascara girl now, but it’s fun to do lashes when I go out. When I do, it’s funny because Axl thinks it’s hilarious. He looks at my face and he starts grabbing because he thinks I’m playing a game with him, like ‘What’s on my face?’ When I do my cucumber patches on my face, he thinks that’s really funny too. He thinks that I’m putting it on for him and it’s a game, like putting on a hat … The lashes thing is the tricky one because he just wants to touch.”

The singer adds that her beauty icon used to be Marilyn Monroe because she loved her glamorous look and she would do her best to copy her makeup on her own including the iconic black liquid eyeliner and bold red lips. She said:

 ”I used to try to emulate Marilyn Monroe, who looked to me like my grandmother because they would do the black liquid liner and the red lips. I just loved that look, so I would try it at home myself.”


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