Fashion On The English Premier League Football

Like medieval knights and gladiators, footballers must dress some choose as they continue to enjoy their big paycheck on their daily lives. As a result, you’ll see most international players clad in designer clothes and branded items that match not only their wealth but also an individual’s character and social status. Here’s a quick dive into the English Premier League fashion, starting from the haircut to the dressing.

The Haircut

Over the last dozen years, soccer haircuts have been trending among fans, with Premier League players rocking everything from short, medium to long hairs. Some of the best players who are known for their exquisite haircuts in the League include David Beckam, Sergio Ramos, Lionel League, and Neymar. 

While most players are known to change their hairstyles occasionally, some choose the edgy and rebellious, while others prefer a classy and exquisite look. Paul Pogba is among the top players in the premier league who likes to rock an edgy look. The Manchester United star can be seen with everything from neon green lines on his hair to an amazing burst fade mohawk.

Other Players like David Beckam have undergone tremendous growth throughout their careers include but managed to look sharp in all their styles. From his dressing and hairstyle, it’s evident that this football legend is well put together. In recent times, Beckham seems to fancy short and classy hairstyles that are easy to manage, like what he rocked during the 2018 Royal wedding.

The Dressing Code

Though not many football fans who enjoy the English Premier League football betting with Betway care about fashion, footballers are wearier than ever about what they wear. Hector Bellerin is one of the players whose interest in fashion is as strong as his love for football. The cavalier Spaniard regularly attends the London fashion Week and style suits his extrovert nature.

Like Hector Bellerin, Mancity’s star Sergio Aguero loves branded outfits, with Gucci and Balenciaga being among his favorites. The agile goal-getter loves a hipster fashion design, and you can see him in trucker caps, Balenciaga T-shirts and Gucci hoodies. From his wardrobe, you can tell that the Argentina international loves his trainers and hoodies, preferring a casual and comfortable look.

Besides those who fancy a comfortable and casual look like Aguero, some Premier league players prefer to rock in streetwear. That includes Crystal Palace star player Michy Batshuayi, a streetwear god worth following if you want to know what next in the market as you continue placing wagers at Betway. Michy has connections with all the big brands in the world, giving him the latest pieces from Supreme, Yeezy, and Gucci before everyone else.


When it to fashion and style in the Premier League, most players choose to shop from major brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendy, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci. However, most players wear outfits that define their personality and love for fashion. As such, some of the players prefer an edgy and rebellious look from head to toe, while others choose class and elegance.