Eva Mendes on Sex Scenes: They “Are Always Awkward. They’re Awful”

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Eva Mendes has tackled her fair share of sex scenes in the past and the actress admits that she always hates performing them and tries to convince the director to cut sex scenes all of the time which some times works.  She comments that the experience is often “awkward” and “awful” and she thinks that there isn’t a real need to include sex scenes so she can become very convincing about cutting them when chatting with directors:

“Love scenes are always awkward. They’re awful. I’ve managed to really skip through them. When I read that my character has a love scene I carefully address it with the director: ‘Can we please cut this out? It’s gratuitous and there’s no need for it,’ and thankfully that has happened.”

Eva reveals that throughout her career she has done her best to avoid sex scenes where possible although she has taken part in some which she felt were fitting for that particular role and thus needed to be a part of the film. She doesn’t believe simulated sex scenes ever really fit however:

“I try to avoid them whenever I can. I have done a couple of things that have been appropriate for the films I’ve been in but I’ve never done a simulated sex scene because I feel like they’re rarely appropriate.”