Essential Golf Outfits for Men

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2019

Under the environmental heat and the surmounting pressure, playing golf is not as easy as it seems.  

Playing golf might look easy, but it is pretty tricky. That is why there are specific standards that must be met to master the sport. What outfit does the player wears is of paramount importance in playing golf. From a button down shirt to polos, check out these essential golf outfits for men.  

Top wear

This $84 billion sports industry continues to grow more significant by the minute. A golfer needs to wear appropriate attire. There are many varieties of shirts that are suitable when playing golf. Here are casual and classic choices. 

Button-down Shirts

The button-down shirt is one of the most common and comfortable choices of golf outfit. Usually made out of cotton, this type of shirt is perfect for maintaining a calm, composed look while playing the sport. The button-down is also a great piece to match with any other kind of outfit since it comes in many colors. 

Polo Shirts

One cannot mention golf outfits without talking about polos. This piece of clothing is probably the most popular choice of golf outfit for any golfer. It is simple yet classy, and it also is made out of comfortable materials.  

Polos have generally been the go-to choice of many famous players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. 

Bottom wear

A golfer’s choice of bottom wear is also crucial in playing the sport. Since it is more advantageous to tuck in your shirt, there needs to be a perfect balance between style, comfort, and flexibility.


Sophisticated and cozy, trousers are slowly becoming a staple in golfer’s outfits. Most trousers are from an extremely lightweight material, which is why many are starting to wear them during games. Also, the pants are an excellent pair for tucked-in shirts.  

Woven Pants

Woven fabrics are known for their breathability. Woven pants are fantastic for golfers because it allows their bodies to keep fresh, especially when the weather is not too favorable. 


Lastly, picking excellent shoe wear is also essential. As golf requires focus and flexibility, the last thing that you would want to be worried about is an ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoe. 


Although there are already high-technology shoes available in the market, sneakers remain to be a popular pick for golfers. They are a classic choice, which is why a lot of golfers who prefer to be simple chooses them. 

Spikeless shoes

Spikeless shoes are the current trend of shoes for golfers. They are the perfect choice for golfers who do not want to change shoes from time to time and those who want to feel more balanced. Besides, spikeless shoes are more versatile when it comes to considering the condition of the golf course.  

 Aside from shirts, bottom wear, and shoe wear, there are still additional clothing that could make playing golf a lot better. Accessories such as hats, glasses, and gloves can help in making sure that golfers feel comfortable when they take the full swing.  

However, it is always essential to choose whatever is comfortable. The sportswear industry is already very advanced, which guarantees that comfort is not getting compromised by style

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