Emma Stone’s 10 Best Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

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Emma Stone has repeatedly demonstrated that she is willing to go to considerable measures for a movie part by changing her hair.

The Oscar nominee abandoned her natural blonde hair for her first feature picture “Superbad” after producer Judd Apatow asked her to “make it red.” Then, in 2009’s “Zombieland,” Stone wore a rich chocolate shade to fight off undead.

Stone’s dramatic and consistent hair color alterations may not have been as easy as we assumed, but one thing she’s obviously done with ease is change up her hairstyles.

List 10 of Emma Stone’s favorite hairstyles

  • Long straight champagne blonde hairstyle with blunt cut bangs and light blonde highlights
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With her new hair, color, and cosmetics, Emma Stone is more beautiful than ever.

Although most of her fans still picture her in red hair, Emma Stone has been rocking the blonde look and making sure her makeup and wardrobe are on point.

This flattering style works well with fine to medium hair and is achieved by blow-waves applied from root to tip. The top of the head is beautifully framed by the bluntly cut bangs, which are then smoothed down to round off the style.

  • Medium wavy golden blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs and light blonde highlights
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This golden, shoulder-length cut is perfect for shortening the appearance of a long face thanks to the waves that have been strategically placed throughout the hair’s perimeter.

You’ll need some sort of hold and shine product to pull off this elegant haircut, but it’s perfect for formal events.

  • Medium wavy mahogany brunette and light brunette two-tone hairstyle with layered bangs
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Emma Stone is a treasure in her own right, but this new do is killing us. Its understated elegance makes it perfect for any formal event.

The back and sides of this hairdo have been textured into waves to add volume and form, and the top of the face has been framed beautifully by layered bangs that have been smoothed down.

  • Medium wavy copper red bob haircut
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In this photo, Emma Stone’s vintage-inspired waved hairstyle brings out her inner diva.

This copper mane is styled in waves along the back and sides to create a timeless appearance. This style’s fullness and volume make it a great choice for dressy occasions, particularly if you have an oval or long face.

  • Medium wavy dark ginger red hairstyle
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Even though red is not her actual hair color, Emma Stone has become one of Hollywood’s most known redheads.

Emma’s freckly face and pink undertones complement her red hair beautifully. She dyes her hair a rich copper color and wears pink eyeshadow and blush to complement her fair skin and blue eyes.

  • Medium wavy brunette hairstyle
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This brown mane has been bluntly chopped at the length and given movement and structure by adding loose waves to the mid-lengths and ends. The top is parted on the side, and long bangs are brushed across the face to frame it and round off the style. Use a shine and hold product to make this a go-to look for any event.

  • Long wavy red hairstyle
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In this crimson, formal photo, Emma Stone shines.

You may create an impressive updo by pulling your hair back, twisting it, and pinning it to the back of your head. The top is separated on the side, and the long bangs are dragged to the side, which both frames the face and softens it.

  • Long wavy updo hairstyle
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Here, Emma Stone shows off her elegant wavy updo for a special occasion. These gorgeous red tresses are pulled back, braided, and secured to the back of the head. The absence of the front helps to round off a lengthy face, making this formal style an ideal choice.

  • Medium wavy dark copper red bob haircut with side swept bangs
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Emma Stone is stunning in a shoulder-grazing haircut with layers and a soft, undone style.

The roots of this dark copper mane are given substance and the mid-lengths and ends are given delicate movement thanks to the scrunch blow-drying technique. The long bangs are arranged to the side in a way that softens the face and beautifully rounds out the overall image.

  • Long wavy red hairstyle with side swept bangs
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Her bangs are side swept, which softens and frames her brow, which is fantastic. The curls frame her face nicely, but they also provide volume and bounce to the look, which is ideal for someone who wants to create the illusion of voluminous hair.