Emma Roberts on Her Biggest Fashion Regrets & Ditching High Heels

Emma Roberts has admitted that she is a huge over-packer when it comes to preparing for a trip – but there is one thing she doesn’t usually bother taking – heels. The ‘Palo Alto’ actress says she prefers to bring comfortable shoes and also stocks up on reading material before setting off:

“I am the biggest over-packer, so I’m not one to ask for packing tips! I would say always bring lots of reading material and a pair of comfy shoes. I hate being the person that’s limping behind in killer high heels. Bring a great wedge or a pretty sandal.”

Emma says she ditches heels now because she no longer feels self-conscious about her height and loves flat shoes:

“I used to be an all-heels-all-the-time girl because I was self-conscious about being 5ft 2in. Now, I embrace it and pretty much live in boots and flats and high-tops.”

Speaking on her fashion regrets, Emma says she tries not to regret any of her fashion choices because she loves to experiment with her style and enjoys trying out trends, even if they look funny in the future when she’s looking back at her past outfit choices:

“I think it’s hard to pick a fashion regret because you never know at the time that you’ll be regretting it. Trends are what make fashion fun, so I say go with them and laugh at the pictures later. I’m sure when I’m older my kids are gonna be laughing their butts off that we all were rocking the crop top.”