Emilie Genshin Impact: Release Date, Weapon, Element & Leaked Design

Emilie, the alluring perfumer of Fontaine, has captivated Genshin Impact players with her shrouded past and rumored arrival in the upcoming updates. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about this enigmatic character:

Genshin Impact Emilie Release Date

Reliable sources like Uncle 100 and ProjectENKA suggest Emilie’s arrival in Version 4.8, potentially hitting servers on July 17, 2024. This could mark the final update for Fontaine before the introduction of the next region, Natlan. We can also expect HoYoverse to unveil Emilie’s official character details around June 3, 2024, based on past trends.


Following the established pattern of new characters arriving alongside their signature weapons, leaks point towards a new polearm tailored for Emilie’s playstyle. This five-star weapon boasts a base ATK boost and a unique passive that empowers Burning reactions.

  • Weapon Type: Polearm
  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Passive:
    • Increases ATK by 15%
    • Grants a stackable buff that increases the character’s damage by 10% whenever they trigger Burning (max 2 stacks)

Emilie weapon passive (sus)
byu/ISRUKRENG inGenshin_Impact_Leaks

This weapon leak aligns with previous rumors of Emilie being a sub-DPS character specializing in Burning. Burning creates an area-of-effect that deals Pyro damage over time, making it a valuable damage source for team compositions. With few characters currently focused on Burning, Emilie could be a game-changer for players seeking to utilize this fiery reaction.

The Alluring Perfume Designer

Emilie is renowned as a freelance perfume designer, crafting exquisite fragrances coveted by Fontaine’s fashion elite. According to Calcagni, a staff member at the Confrerie of Cabriere where her perfumes are sold, her creations are both expensive and exclusive. He even adds to the mystique, describing Emilie as being “much like perfume herself. You cannot reach her, nor can she be stopped.”

Genshin Impact Emilie

A Burning Passion

According to reliable leakers like FouL, Emilie’s connection to Fontaine goes beyond her captivating perfumes. She’s rumored to be a Dendro sub-DPS character, wielding the power of Burning. While Burning was the first Dendro reaction introduced, recent updates have favored reactions like Hyperbloom and Burgeon. However, the addition of a Burning-focused Artifact Set in Version 4.6 hints that Emilie’s abilities might be designed to synergize with it, potentially revitalizing this underutilized reaction.

Emilie’s Elemental Flair

Recent leaks hint at Emilie being a double first: not only the first Dendro character since Kirara (Version 3.7), but also the first Dendro Catalyst user with a tall female model. Players speculate on the possibility of pink and purple floral-themed abilities, a refreshing departure from the typical green and leaf-based Dendro attacks. This could be reminiscent of Yae Miko’s stunning pink Electro skillset.

A Glimpse Through Concept Art

While various leaked concept art designs exist, the community particularly favors the one adorned with stunning purple hues. This design depicts Emilie with flowing pastel purple hair, elegant Fontaine-style attire with a draped shawl, a flower-adorned cloche hat, and a delicate butterfly pendant.

Image via Videre

It’s important to remember that leaked information can change, so treat it with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, these leaks come from credible sources with a history of accurate predictions regarding Genshin Impact’s developments.

With the arrival of Genshin Impact Version 4.8 on the horizon, the veil of mystery surrounding Emilie will soon be lifted. Get ready to be enchanted by this enigmatic perfumer and the unique gameplay mechanics she’ll bring to Teyvat!