Ellen Pompeo Shares Her Facial Skincare Beauty Secret


Actress Ellen Pompeo has revealed her facial skincare secret behind her ageless visage. Ellen explains that after cleansing, she likes to treat her skin to a home-made freezing treatment by splashing ice cold alkaline water on her face. She says the treatment leaves her skin feeling tight and clean, so she now swears by the simple trick:

“I fill up a bowl of ice and alkaline water, and I take it to my bathroom, and I splash my face like 10 times, until my face feels frozen. I do it after (cleansing) and I just feel like it tightens everything. Didn’t the old movie stars used to do it? I got this idea that my face feels puffy and it’s sagging, so I thought, ‘Let me just freeze it!’”

Ellen says the desire to stay looking young without going under the knife is what motivates her to eat well and stay in shape. She realises she has to put effort into her appearance for her job and doesn’t want to start using botox. She explains that she has tried botox and doesn’t want to get addicted to using it:

“There’s only so much I can do at 45, I’m going to age, it’s fine. I don’t have Botox, I don’t have fillers, I don’t have anything, so you know, I really have to eat well and exercise and do everything, because I don’t want to put stuff in my face. I have done Botox before, and I can see why you’d get addicted to it. So I thought, if I have to see my lines, it’ll force me more to take care of myself. I guess because I make my living on camera, I’m vain? I think it’s important for me to look as good as I can look. I get paid to keep up my appearance, so I feel like I need to keep up my end of it.”