Elisabeth Moss Bored of Retro Style Because of ‘Mad Men’

Posted by PZ on September 5th, 2014


‘Mad Men’ star Elisabeth Moss has revealed that she is bored of retro fashion because of her role in the show which has her dressed in vintage-inspired looks around the clock. Elisabeth comments that many of the actresses on the show have become so bored with that retro look that they’ve been influenced in an entirely different direction and it’s the same for her. She says she’ll wear “anything but retro” when it comes to her personal style now:

”My style has been influenced by ‘Mad Men’ in the opposite way to how you think. For a few years all the girls on the show moved away from doing retro fashion because we constantly had to wear those styles. I have worn anything but retro for years as a result.”

Speaking on if she has kept any of the designs from the show for herself, Elisabeth says she has held on to one dress that marked a meaningful moment for her character on the show:

”I kept an eggplant-coloured dress that she wears when she leaves Sterling Cooper Draper Price. That dress was meaningful because the scene marked a huge turning point for her.”

When it comes to style, Elisabeth believes everyone should wear whatever makes you feel your best. She likes to opt for great basics that feel simple and effortless when she’s not working:

”It’s all about wearing what you feel confident in and what clothes make you feel good about yourself. My ‘normal’ is a pair of denim shorts or a white girly dress. I go for the basics I don’t know if what I wear is stylish, but it’s effortless!”


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