Drew Barrymore Shares Her Unusual Eye Makeup Tip


Drew Barrymore has shared her unique eye makeup tip that she swears by for the perfect smudged eyeliner. The actress reveals that after she’s taken her makeup off and applied her skincare at night, she’ll apply a little bit of kohl eyeliner to her lower eye so that when she wakes up in the morning it will have smudged perfectly overnight – and it even cuts down on her prep time in the morning too. She explained:

“After I do my evening skincare routine, I line my outer lower lashes with soft-black pencil – usually Flower That’s So Kohl – before I go to bed. It sounds a little crazy, but I wake up with the perfect smudgy eye make-up. I can roll out of bed, do absolutely nothing and get compliments on my make-up.”

Drew is currently expanding her ‘Flower’ cosmetics range and she believes those who are attracted to her line have similar taste to her so she can understand what people are looking for and she hopes she can empower women:

“I think [the average Flower customer] is like me. Which sounds very insular, but I think she has good taste, she knows the difference between quality and something made haphazardly … I love the word aspiration because aspiration can still be realistic, but it’s like the better version of you and your life and it is empowering. When you feel good about yourself you project something that is far more confident and empowered and joyful then when you are scrambling and not feeling your best.”

Revealing what she’s working on now, Drew comments that she has created a unique kit that helps illuminate the skin which is applied before concealer to brighten:

“I created a kit called The Hollywood Secret. The name is jazzy to get people excited, but it’s actually a makeup artist’s trick. If you pick concealers that have illuminizing factors, then you’re going to look like an oyster. This was designed to help you get that illuminizing effect under your concealer.”