Drew Barrymore Reveals Her Innovative New Beauty Product


Drew Barrymore‘s cosmetics line Flower Beauty continues to become a big success story. The actress is committed to her beauty company and wants to innovate new products that no one else has. Already branching out into sunglasses and fragrances, Drew’s latest beauty product is something called an ‘EE’ cream, similar to ‘BB’ cream, but with the ability to cover all of the skin’s flaws in one go, quickly giving the wearer flawless skin. Drew explained that this is a brand new idea:

“Our EE cream that’s coming out in January — it erases everything. It’s a weird innovation that we’re going to be first to market with. I’m very excited!”

Despite being successful with her cosmetics company, Drew says it can get difficult at times because there are so many products in her range and it’s constantly and very quickly expanding. She reveals that sometimes a break is the best way to go forward:

“There was a lot to do with the marketing and 200 products, and then we do at least 40 to 50 new products every year so it’s constant — I think that’s the biggest challenge. You want to feel like, ‘Oh my God, we killed it this year and we did our best,’ and we’ll take a little break and focus on next year. There’s never a break, especially in the cosmetics world.”

Drew believes the market has so many affordable and exciting products available for women now, including Jessica Alba’s ‘Honest’ range which just unveiled a new cosmetics line:

“There’s some wonderful stuff happening out there, including Honest and lots of other makeup artists and women. It’s great. We should all be celebrating each other and supporting each other.” After all, isn’t happiness the best cosmetic?