Dominate the Arena: The Finals Weapon Tier List for Season 1

Choosing the right weapons in The Finals is crucial for dominating the arena. But with so many options, which ones should you unlock first? This guide breaks down the Season 1 weapon tier list for each class, helping you make informed choices and dominate your opponents.

The Finals Weapon Tier List for Season 1

Tier Weapon
S XP-54 (Light), Throwing Knives (Light), FCAR (Medium), Lewis Gun (Heavy)
A V9S (Light), M11 (Light), AKM (Medium), R.357 (Medium), M60 (Heavy), SA1216 (Heavy)
B SR-84 (Light), LH1 (Light), Model 1887 (Medium), Flamethrower (Heavy), Sledgehammer (Heavy)
C SH1900 (Light), Sword (Light), CL-40 (Medium), MGL32 (Heavy)
D Dagger (Light), Riot Shield (Medium)

Tier List Breakdown

In the upper echelons of the tier list, XP-54, Throwing Knives, FCAR, and Lewis Gun reign supreme. These weapons are considered meta for their exceptional performance across all classes. The XP-54 caters to Light build players, offering versatility and effectiveness at varying ranges, while Throwing Knives, though with a higher skill ceiling, prove to be a deadly choice.

The A-Tier weapons fall slightly below the S-Tier but remain formidable options. M11, V9S, AKM, R.357, M60, and SA1216 offer compelling alternatives, providing flexibility for players across different builds.

The Finals Season 1 Tier List
Image via Embark Studios

The B-Tier weapons serve well for experimentation, proving effective in specific situations. While not classified as meta, they can be valuable additions to your arsenal for strategic adaptability.

Weapons in the C-Tier are less favored, and it’s advisable to use them sparingly or include them in Reserve Loadouts for exceptional circumstances.

Finally, the D-Tier weapons are deemed the least effective, and players are strongly encouraged to steer clear of them for a higher chance of victory.

Armed with this comprehensive breakdown, navigate The Finals Season 1 with confidence, selecting weapons that align with your strengths and strategies. Dominate the battlefield, and may your victories be as legendary as your chosen arsenal.