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Dita Von Teese’s Advice for Perfecting a Vibrant Red Lip


Dita Von Teese is known for her ever-present flawlessly applied red lipstick that is part of her signature beauty look, and now she has dished out some advice for getting that vibrant red lip right. Dita says that the edge of your lips needs to be perfectly defined, and a lip liner is a must to get the look. She explained:

“I love a really deliberate, sharp perfect line; it’s a classic 1940s and 50s style. I know that some fashion magazines will tell you that a red lip shouldn’t be too perfect, but I’m telling you that it should. I always start with a lip liner, as it’s essential to getting that really vibrant, red lip, with lots of saturated colour, which I love.”

Dita reveals that even if the lipstick she’s using will be a lighter shade such as an orange, she’ll still always use a bright red or pink lip liner, sometimes even all over her lips to create a bright base for the lipstick colour to be worn over:

“I always use, even if I’m going to use an orange or a fuchsia, I still like using a nice deep red or pink, a vibrant colour lip liner because it adds a lot of depth. I really love when it’s a saturated colour and I fill in the entire lip as it gives a great base and excellent staying power for your lipstick.”

The lingerie designer adds that lipstick doesn’t have to be expensive and her collection includes many budget-friendly finds as well as more expensive lipstick shades. Her favourite finish is matte:

“I love all kinds of lipstick, I have lipsticks that cost me $1.99 but I do love a luxurious, gold packaged lipstick. I especially love a very matte red lip as it’s one of the easy ones to wear. Matte texture has the best staying power of any other lipstick.”