Different Types of Bridal Robes for the Bride

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2019

Bridesmaids spend at least a thousand dollars on wedding preparations. These costs include expenses for gowns, throwing a shower, and, most importantly, wedding gifts. If you are a bridesmaid in search for the perfect wedding gift, do not worry. A bridal robe, such as those found at Zynotti, is an excellent gift for the occasion.  

What is a bridal robe?

Similar to bathrobes, bridal robes have become a staple garment during wedding preparations. Naturally, brides wear comfortable clothes when they are getting their makeup done. Wedding photographers usually capture these exciting moments with the bride wearing her bridal robe. 

Types of bridal robes

There are different types of fabric used for bridal robes. You can choose from these various styles while considering the preferences of the bride as well as the robes’ comfort level. 

Silk bridal robes

Silk robes are perhaps the most popular choice for bridal robes. Throughout the years, the use of silk has long been the norm for every type of clothing: from gowns, dresses, sleepwear, and even lingerie.  

Silk bridal robes are a wonderful wedding gift because it looks luxurious, plush, and perfectly embraces every curve of the body. Silk also looks great on camera, which makes pre-wedding photos extra special. 

Personalized bridal robes

If you want a personal touch to your gift, then giving a customized bridal robe would be a great idea. Personalized dresses, like those from Zynotti, is a perfect combination of a memorable and useful present. A customized robe also gives you more freedom to choose the kind of fabric since embroidery does not necessarily have to adhere to it.  

A custom embroidered robe can also provide more room for creativity. By adding an embroidery of the bride’s name or initials, a regular bridal robe can become extra special. Besides, you can also opt to embroider their face, a caricature, or a cartoon version of them. You can also add the date so that they can always remember the special day. 

Cotton bridal robes

When it comes to comfort, cotton is the go-to fabric. Cotton woven clothing has always been the number one in sales during the humid seasons and especially in tropical areas. Its airy material makes it excellent to wear for the bride to keep herself comfortable and fresh before walking down the aisle. 

Floral bridal robes

Gifting the bride a floral bridal robe is an excellent choice to make the whole pre-wedding mood more vibrant. Although there are different fabric options you can choose from; the floral prints help make the bride stand out. It ensures that the bride is the center of attraction, even during the makeup session.  

A floral robe also makes for great attire in pre-wedding photos. They are also easily accessible since there are thousands of floral robes you can select from.  

Without a doubt, bridal robes are a simple yet memorable gift. They are easy to find, and they come in many varieties. 

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