Did Obsidian Just Spill the Beans? Avowed Release Date Might Be Out

Calling all adventurers! Avowed, the highly anticipated RPG from Obsidian, has a rumored release date in sight. Here’s what we know (and what we don’t) about when you can embark on your epic journey.

Avowed Release Date Possibly Leaked

While Obsidian hasn’t made an official announcement yet, a recently-edited blog post briefly mentioned a November 12, 2024 release. The news spread quickly across gaming forums and news sites, with many fans taking it as an official confirmation.

Previously, during the Xbox Developer Direct in January 2024, Obsidian only revealed a Fall 2024 release window. This new information narrows it down to a specific date, hinting at a possible upcoming official announcement.

With the release date seemingly set for November 12, 2024, Obsidian is likely gearing up for a major marketing push in the coming months. We can expect more trailers, gameplay details, and pre-order information in the near future.

For now, RPG fans can rejoice in knowing that Avowed is on track to arrive later this year. Keep an eye out for official confirmation from Obsidian Entertainment and get ready to delve into the world of Eora this November.

Companions and Factions Revealed

The leaked information comes alongside a trailer hinting at the game’s focus on the Dreamscourge threat. The trailer introduces key characters representing different factions and companions players will encounter.

We meet the emperor who tasks players with defeating the Dreamscourge and Inquisitor Lodwyn, a zealous paladin with conflicting motives. These characters hint at the complex web of factions vying for power in Avowed. Players will need to make strategic decisions to influence the outcome.

Avowed Release Date
Image via Xbox Game Studios

The trailer also unveils Giatta, the first of four companions. Described as a brilliant and outspoken animancer, Giatta offers a glimpse into the diverse group that will accompany players on their journey. Details about the remaining companions are likely to surface soon, especially if the leaked release date holds true.

Avowed is slated for release later this year on Xbox Series X/S and PC. If the leaked date is accurate, players can expect to embark on their adventure on November 12th.