Diablo 4 Error Codes and How to Fix Them (300008, 3006, 300202, 75, 700004 & More)

Diablo 4 Error Codes
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 players have reported several error codes when attempting to log into the game. This guide will explain the most common error codes and how to fix them so you can continue playing.

Diablo 4 Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Error 300008

  • Description: Request timeout error due to busy servers.
  • Solution: Wait for the server-side issue to resolve itself.

Error 300202

  • Description: Server error while logging into Battle.net account.
  • Solution: Check Diablo 4 server status and wait for technical issues to be resolved.

Error 3006

  • Description: Unable to connect to Battle.net.
  • Solution: Restart your router and modem, or wait for Blizzard servers to stabilize.

Error 316005

  • Description: No character slots available on your account.
  • Solution: Manually delete characters until you have available slots.

Error 316719

  • Description: Kicked from the game due to server instability.
  • Solution: Accept the message and restart the game. Be prepared for potential queues as you log back in, as this issue may not be on your end.

Error 34203

  • Description: Servers overloaded or offline.
  • Solution: Wait until the servers come back online. Keep an eye on Blizzard’s official announcements for updates on server status.

Error 34202

  • Description: Servers are currently offline.
  • Solution: Monitor Blizzard announcements for information on server outages.

Error 395002

  • Description: Account is currently locked. Possible authentication issue due to server congestion.
  • Solution: Log off the main menu, restart the game, and contact Blizzard support if the problem persists.

Error 396022

  • Description: Server ping issue, indicating server instability.
  • Solution: Close Diablo 4, attempt to log back in, and check for potential network throttling issues.

Error 75

  • Description: Problem authenticating your account; update required.
  • Solution: Install the latest Diablo 4 update to resolve the authentication issue.

Error 700004

  • Description: Attempting to access the Premium Battle Pass after the Season has ended.
  • Solution: Update and restart Diablo 4, and re-authenticate your Battle.net account. If the issue persists, wait for a while before attempting to activate the Battle Pass again.

By following these solutions, you should be able to overcome common Diablo 4 Error Codes and resume your epic journey in Sanctuary. Remember to stay updated on official announcements for any ongoing server issues. May your adventures be free of disruptions, Nephalem!