Diablo 4 Demon Hearts Guide: Where to Find and Efficiently Farm Crafting Material

farm Demon Hearts Diablo 4

In this guide, we’ll explore the best methods to farm Demon Hearts and the ideal farming locations for these elusive items in Diablo 4.

How to Find Demon Hearts in Diablo 4

Demon Hearts can be obtained by vanquishing demons throughout Diablo 4. As you send these malevolent beings back to hell, there’s a chance that a Demon Heart will drop as loot. However, Demon Hearts are incredibly rare, and relying on natural world drops may take hours to yield just one. Higher World Tiers can improve drop rates, but the wait remains long.

Best Locations to Farm Demon Hearts in Diablo 4

To increase your chances of collecting Demon Hearts efficiently, certain demon-infested locations in the game are ideal for farming.

Tormented Ruins in Fractured Peaks

One easy early game location is the Tormented Ruins dungeon in Fractured Peaks. The demons here respawn frequently when you fast travel away and return. Defeat them over and over to have more chances for Hearts to drop.

The Scarred Coast – Almunn

For a guaranteed source, defeat the boss Almunn in The Scarred Coast. He will directly reward one Demon Heart per kill. You can repeatedly re-log to make Almunn respawn faster. Though it takes time, this method is reliable.


For a bountiful harvest of Demon Hearts, head southeast from Almunn’s location to Kehjistan, where you’ll find Abe-Mari. Defeating this entity grants an impressive five Demon Hearts, providing a substantial boost to your collection.

Faraya Tehi

Another excellent farm is the demon Faraya Tehi southwest of the Tarsarak waypoint, also awarding 5 Hearts. Defeating these bosses over and over is far more efficient than solely relying on random world drops from standard foes.

With these farm locations and bosses identified, collecting the Demon Hearts in Diablo 4 needed to upgrade your potions will be much easier. Just be prepared for some repetitive relogging and clearing. Slowly but surely, your supply of this vital crafting material will rise.