Destiny 2 Season 22 Update: Start Date, Early Patch Notes, Exotic Gear Changes, Ability Tweaks, and More

Destiny 2 Season 22 start date
With Destiny 2 Season 22 fast approaching, here’s everything we know so far about it, including the start date, leaks, and expected content.

Destiny 2 Season 22 Update: Start Date

Destiny 2 enthusiasts can anticipate the commencement of Season 22 on August 29, 2023. This date aligns precisely with the closure of the Destiny showcase, making for a seamless transition.

Destiny 2 Season 22 Update: Early Patch Notes


Knucklehead Radar

  • The functionality of the Foetracer Exotic helmet has been completely removed from that Exotic and added to Knucklehead Radar, on top of its existing benefits.


  • We took some cues from the popular Monochromatic Maestro artifact perk for this one. When you deal damage with one of your abilities, you gain a damage bonus with weapons that have damage types matching your subclass damage type.
  • Additionally, when you defeat an enemy you’ve damaged with one of your abilities (either with another ability or with a weapon with a damage type matching your subclass type), you will spawn one of the collectible objects associated with your subclass, such as Ionic Traces or Firesprites.

Lucky Raspberry

  • This Exotic was a little too unreliable in its current form, so we’ve taken a crack at streamlining its energy gains, while leaving some of its benefits intact. The Exotic still expands the chaining capabilities of Arc Bolt grenades. But now instead of basing the grenade energy gains on those chains, each time you damage an enemy with the lightning strikes from the jolted condition—as well as each time you pick up an ionic trace—you gain additional grenade energy.
  • We’ve also given this grenade the intrinsic ability to stun Overload Champions. Now you don’t have to jolt them and then trigger the jolt lightning strikes just to stun them, making these grenades a more reliable tool against Overload Champions.

Renewal Grasps

  • We’ve undone the previous nerf to Duskfield grenade cooldowns when using this Exotic.


Icefall Mantle, Doomfang Pauldrons, Path of the Burning Steps

  • Season 21 included some changes to Eternal Warrior and the Path of the Burning Steps. We added an escalating damage bonus to Arc and Solar weapons, respectively, when you get kills with those damage types. We liked that this gave players another way to get surge-like bonuses, but the Eternal Warrior seemed to to have the most reliable way to get up to the Tier 4 damage bonus. We’ve made some further changes to these perks to make them a little more reliable, while also expanding the functionality to two other Exotics.

Icefall Mantle

  • Grants an escalating bonus to Stasis weapon damage when getting rapid Stasis kills. When you activate your class ability, you immediately gain the highest tier bonus.

Doom Fang Pauldrons

  • Grants an escalating bonus to Void weapon damage when getting rapid Void kills. When you get a Void melee kill, you immediately gain the highest tier bonus.

Path of the Burning Steps

  • Getting a Solar Grenade kill now grants the highest tier Solar weapon damage bonus.

Eternal Warrior

  • Since the exotic only grants its highest tier damage bonus automatically when your Super ends (which is a rarer occurrence), the duration of the Arc weapon damage bonus when your Fist of Havoc Super ends has been extended to 30 seconds (up from 10 seconds in Season 21).

ACD/0 Feedback Fence

  • This Exotic got a complete mechanical rework and now ties into the Armor Charge system, increasing its versatility and making it more useful in scenarios where you might not be taking a lot of melee damage. With the new perk (which completely replaces the old), when melee hits give you an Armor Charge, you take reduced melee damage while you have that Armor Charge. Taking melee damage causes you to emit a burst of damaging Arc energy that jolts targets, consuming your Armor Charge and dealing more damage based on the number of stacks consumed. (Note that the damage dealt by the burst of Arc energy should be comparable to its current damage for 0-3 stacks of Armor Charge.)

Hallowfire Heart

  • This Exotic often stands in the shadow of the more ubiquitous Heart of Inmost Light. To remedy that, we’ve removed its base energy to Solar abilities and replaced it with a perk that will let you build more into Sunspots. We think you’ll be seeing many more Sunspots on the battlefield as a result. As for the perk that greatly increases your ability regen rate when your Super is fully charged, we left that as-is.


Astrocyte Verse

  • We’ve added two more pieces of functionality to this Exotic. Enemies near you when you Blink become volatile. Additionally, when you’re using the Nova Warp Super, the Dark Blink ability no longer consumes Super energy.

Geomag Stabilizers

  • Geomag Stabilizers: While we’ve often heard calls to restore the perk that let you top off your Super energy by sprinting, the legacy of that incentive still creates some pretty silly play patterns. Instead, we wanted to give players a way to get more Super energy, no matter how charged their Super is. Now picking up an ionic trace while wearing this Exotic will grant Guardians additional Super energy.

Wings of Sacred Dawn

  • Leaning into the “orbital weapons platform” fantasy, we wanted to help players have a way to stay aloft longer (especially in target-rich PvE environments). Typically, reloading was the main cause for a float to end. This Exotic now automatically reloads Solar weapons (including the weapon you are holding) from reserves each time you get a kill while aiming down sights. Try this one out with Xenophage!

Winter’s Guile

  • Due to the nature of the Stasis warlock’s melee ability, this Exotic was previously a disappointing choice for that subclass. We’ve added a new perk to this one, specifically for when you are playing your Stasis subclass. Now combatants encased by your Penumbral Blast melee will automatically shatter after a short delay.

Season 22 Ability updates

Alongside the exotic gear updates, several abilities are also receiving tuning. In particular, Titan’s barricades are receiving nerfs in PvP, and Strand is receiving a bunch of changes.



  • Reduced base Suspend duration vs. non-Champion PvE combatants from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Thread of Continuity now extends this duration to 7 seconds, down from 12 seconds.
  • Reduced base Suspend duration vs. Champion combatants from 8 seconds to 3 seconds (4 seconds with Thread of Continuity).
  • Increased snap damage dealt to Suspended boss combatants by 67%.


  • Increased Threadling damage vs. PvE combatants by 30%.


  • Reduced Tangle creation cooldown time from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.


  • PvE combatants affected by Sever now have their outgoing damage reduced by 40% vs. 30%.

Thread of Mind

  • Reduced class energy gain, based on the tier of the defeated target:
    • Minor combatants reduced from 15% to 10%.
    • Major combatants and players reduced from 25% to 15%.
    • Bosses, Champions, and minibosses reduced from 50% to 25%.

Thread of Generation

  • Reduced the overall energy gain per damage event against PvE enemies by about 20%.
  • Rebalanced the energy gain multiplier across primary weapon archetypes. We wanted to bring the energy gains for dealing damage with precision weapons and fully automatic weapons closer together.
  • Overall, we’ve reduced the efficiency of fully automatic primary weapons and increased the efficiency of precision primary weapons to compensate.


  • Increased Silkstrike damage resistance from 40% to 45%.
  • Reduced suppression time between Silkstrike super air attacks.
  • Reduced vertical lift provided by Silkstrike heavy air attack to reduce instances of missing the primary target.

Threaded Specter

  • Increased Threaded Specter lifetime from 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Increased Threaded Specter health vs. PvE combatants.
  • Threaded Specter now takes longer to detect nearby PvE combatants at the beginning of its lifetime.
  • PvE combatants now more consistently focus on Threaded Specter instead of the Hunter.
  • Allied players no longer have reticle magnetism toward Threaded Specter.

The Wanderer

  • Destroying a Tangle now creates a delayed Suspending detonation.
  • Increased Suspend detonation radius from 6 to 7 meters against PvE combatants.
  • Increased thrown Wanderer Tangle detonation damage to match standard Tangle detonations.


  • Grapple melee always takes priority while active, regardless of whether or not a target is within range.

Minor Thread Adjustments

  • Thread of Propagation
  • Now grants +10 Strength.
  • Thread of Continuity
  • No longer grants +10 Strength.
  • Thread of Wisdom
  • No longer requires a precision kill to activate.
  • Thread of Isolation
  • Reduced the number of precision hits required to activate by an average of about 30% (varies by weapon archetype).
  • Thread of Rebirth
  • The number of created Threadlings now increases based on the tier of the defeated target:
  • Minor combatants: 1.
  • Elite combatants or players: 2.
  • Boss, Champion, or miniboss combatants: 3.



  • Towering Barricade
  • Base cooldown increased from 48 seconds to 70 seconds.
  • All Barricades
  • Maximum health reduced from 600 to 500.
  • Damage resistance vs. PVE combatants increased to compensate.


  • Increased base cooldown time from 500 seconds to 556 seconds, matching the majority of our roaming Super roster.


  • Reduced damage bonus vs. players from 50 to 30.

Insights into Destiny 2 Season 22 Content

The first developer blog post has unveiled a tantalizing taste of what’s to come in the Season 22 patch notes. But what exactly do we know so far? Buckle up, Guardians, as we embark on this early journey into the heart of the update:

A Glimpse into the Story

While the curtain hasn’t yet been fully drawn on Season 22’s story, intriguing hints await those who have been following the Destiny 2 narrative closely. With the conclusion of Season of the Deep’s storyline, the Witch Queen herself might hold the key to our next adventure. The quest to revive Savathun is likely to dominate Season 22’s plot, involving characters like Ikora and Eris.

Destiny 2 Season 22 start date 1

Exotic Gear and Ability Enhancements

Season 22 is set to inject fresh energy into the game by bringing significant tweaks to Exotic armor and key abilities across all classes. Bungie’s commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience is evident as they address weaker exotics and streamline the abilities of all classes. Building on the groundwork laid in Season 21, these changes aim to elevate Guardians to new levels of power and impact.

New Aspects and Abilities

Each of the three classes will receive a new Strand Aspect in Season 22:

  • Hunter: Whirling Maelstrom
  • Titan: Banner of War
  • Warlock: Weavewalk

New Seasonal Activities, Gear, and Story

While precise details are yet to be unveiled, Destiny 2 Season 22 will follow the established seasonal structure. Prepare for a flurry of fresh activities, gear, and an evolving story that unfolds week by week. If you’re a fan of Veil Containment from Season of the Deep, you’re in luck – it’s set to continue its narrative journey all the way to Season 23, promising more lore-rich experiences.

PvE Enthusiasts Rejoice

Vanguard Medals are making a triumphant return, offering PvE players a chance to flaunt their elemental prowess. These medals will rotate alongside current Surge modifiers, allowing you to showcase your most potent builds. Moreover, additional Battlegrounds will spice up the Nightfall and Grandmaster Nightfall rotations for both Season 22 and Season 23.

Gambit’s Expansion and PvPvE Additions

Gambit enthusiasts, get ready to explore new frontiers. Cathedral of Scars is making its way into Destiny 2, accompanied by Shadow Legion and Lucent Hive in the PvPvE mode. A fusion of competition and cooperation awaits as you dive into these exhilarating additions.

Exotic Mission Rotator and Raid Return

An Exotic Mission Rotator brings the opportunity to earn some of Destiny 2’s finest exotic weapons. Additionally, the return of Crota’s End Raid from the original game’s The Dark Below expansion is set to invigorate the raiding scene.

Weapon Drops from Activities

As Season 22 kicks off, you’ll be able to secure new weapons through various activities. Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming:

  • Crucible: Unending Tempest – Stasis Submachine Gun
  • Strikes: Luna Regolith III – Solar Sniper Rifle
  • Gambit: Qua Xaphan V – Void Machine Gun
  • Nightfall: Warden’s Law – Kinetic Hand Cannon, Pre Astyanax IV – Solar Precision Bow
  • Iron Banner: The Guiding Sight – Strand Scout Rifle, Point of the Stag – Arc Bow
  • Trials of Osiris: Igneous Hammer – Solar Hand Cannon, Cataphract GL3 – Strand Heavy Grenade Launcher

These weapons will diversify your loadouts, allowing you to tailor your arsenal to your playstyle and the challenges that lie ahead.

PvP Evolution: Maps, Modifiers, and Modes

Prepare for PvP evolution in Season 22 with the introduction of the new map “Multiplex.” This Vex-network-themed arena promises exciting asymmetrical gameplay, catering to multiple modes. The new modifier “Checkmate” will spice things up by focusing on primary weapon dominance and challenging players to earn Special ammo. And don’t miss out on the 6v6 “Relic” mode, where classic relics return, fueling intense battles.

Trials of Osiris and Quality of Life Improvements

Trials of Osiris brings a fresh coat of armor for Season 22, with tantalizing new designs to conquer. Furthermore, a slew of quality-of-life improvements is on the horizon. Players can look forward to streamlined access to Stasis Aspects and Fragments, enhanced cosmetic customization, and permanent Transmats.

With a swathe of changes on the horizon, Season 22 is shaping up to be an exciting evolution for Destiny 2. Stay tuned for more official details from Bungie as we near the August 29 launch.