Demi Lovato Wanted to Create Terrifying Costume for Halloween


Former ‘Disney’ star Demi Lovato has revealed that she wanted to create a genuinely scary look for Halloween and thinks it’s way more fun to come up with a frightening look than something sexy that makes you worry about your appearance when you head out for the night. The singer and actress really loves the process of making a terrifying costume and last year opted to apply fake blood all over when she dressed up as a zombie. Demi commented on how she created her past look, explaining that she even ripped up a dress to create her custom outfit:

”You only get to use fake blood once a year! Last year, I wore a really long dress that was actually from my Let It Go music video. I ripped it up, and I stained it with (fake) blood. I was a zombie! To me, that’s more fun than having to worry about what you look like all night.”

Demi has been working on her figure at the gym, and as a result didn’t mind going a little sexier with her costume choice this year because she says her confidence in herself is higher now:

”I’m kind of getting some confidence with all the hard work I’ve put in, so I might go a little sexier this year.”

Although she’s up for showing off her figure a little more, Demi jokes that she won’t be like in ‘Mean Girls’ and wear barely any clothes for her costume:

”But not like, Mean Girls s***ty!”