Dascha Polanco Shares Her Favourite Natural Hair Secrets

Dascha Polanco1

‘Orange is the New Black’ star Dascha Polanco has shared a few of her favourite natural hair secrets, revealing how she keeps her locks in top condition. Although the jail setting of the tv show may not allow for many glamorous beauty looks, Dascha still makes sure her hair looks great and find inspiration from her home country, Dominican Rupublic, because people often make natural products at home themselves. She explained that she especially loves to use oils:

“You know, in the Dominican Republic [where she is from], we do everything. For the hair? Any type of oil or avocado. Fly oil, I know it sounds weird. Essence of cinnamon is good for your scalp to stimulate the follicles, so we do that, too.”

Dascha heads to her local salon in NYC which stocks real shea butter when she wants to further boost her hair, and she says it makes a huge difference to the texture of her locks during the dry wintry months:

“You want me to keep it real? I use real shea butter. I go to Madina in Brooklyn. They have real mango butter, shea butter. So, I have pure coconut oil, mango butter, and shea butter. I use all of that — especially in the winter. Coconut oil for my hair, for makeup remover. It’s so good for you.”

Speaking on her sense of style, Dascha adds that she loves to dress up in bright colours and prints, and hates wearing black:

“Even if I am curvaceous I take risks. I love colour. I always tell them why do I always get black clothes [from designers] I’m ready for the colour, the prints! Hello? I can look like a zebra on the carpet and also I’ll act like one too! I am not afraid to bring it.”

Dascha Polanco2