Cozy up your modern home

Posted by tuan on September 25th, 2018

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In many respects modern homes are far better than their predecessors. They are a better insulated, utilise better modern technologies and often use light in better more imaginative ways.  This technological advancement, however, often sacrifices the cozy warm feel of homes of old replacing character with clean lines.

The cozy factor should not be underestimated. A home has to feel like your safe place and space. You spend a lot of time here, you want to kick-back and enjoy it. That is impossible if every wall, every corner has a surgical feel rather than warm and lived in one.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at ways to cozy up your modern home and make it feel like a house rather than office space.

Install a Fireplace
Fireplaces are no longer dusty affairs. Today’s fireplaces no longer need to be made of brick and stone and can both blend into a modern home and yet still make for an enigmatic centerpiece. Fireplaces have evolved with clean and elegant design. Barbas Bellfires offer good example of this.  Despite their 21st century update they still retain feelings of warmth and coziness and are arguably the most essential element to make your clean lined modern home feel more traditional.

Match Textiles with the Season
Textiles are essential to giving your home that little bit of extra warmth. If you change your textiles to match the season outside, your home will feel light and airy in the warmer months, and warm and cozy in the colder ones.

The trick with textiles is to emulate the colours of the world outside and match the tone of the season.  So orange reds and khakis in fall and spring, while fresher reds and vibrant greens in summer.  This not only will bring a flavour of the outside world into your home you will get to refresh your home four times a year which is always exciting.

Look at throws, rugs, and curtains. Small changes that fit with your color schemes can make a big difference to how your home feels.

Give your Modern Home Character Using Aromas
Think about luxury candles to make your home more personal. They will not only give you interesting smells to work with, but you will also have great light sources that generate atmosphere especially in colder months.
Food is a great way to bring your house alive and make it feel homely. Baked food such as breads and pies fill the house with homely aromas giving your modern home character.

Good Lighting Creates Mood
Lighting can be used to generate different moods. Place lamps and candles to brighten dark corners and provide just the right amount of light. Too much light and you risk losing the mood so be cautious.

The Personal Touch
Applying your own stamp to your home is another essential element to make your space your home. Think about pictures and plants. Your own tastes should be visible everywhere. This gives your home that lived in feel.

Giving Modern Homes that Traditional Feel
Modern homes do not need to be soulless. With a little imagination, you can live in the best of both the old and the new.

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