Coco Rocha Offers Kendall Jenner Fashion Week Tips


Coco Rocha is a pro when it comes to the catwalk, so it makes sense that she has offered newcomer model Kendall Jenner some advice to help her get through next Fashion Week. During the recent Fashion Week shows, Kendall was reportedly bullied backstage by other models, and Coco advises Kendall to take a step back from those people and simply “breathe”. Coco admits things can get catty backstage:

”It is bad for the industry, and if that all did happen, that’s really frustrating to hear. You have to remember that during the shows, it is all very young girls. It’s like high school. We breathe and eat and sleep together for two months, so it gets to a point where you’re just overwhelmed, frustrated and tired, and I’ve had my own stories where yeah, it gets a little catty backstage. When it does happen, step back, breathe a minute, get out of the room, whatever you need to do. Because in the end, people are watching you under such a fine microscope.”

Coco believes young models starting out need to quickly act as mature as possible because there is always someone important watching, and designers only want to deal with models who can handle the spotlight and behave themselves properly. She said that maturity is respected by those who work in fashion:

”People are are going to watch whatever you do, so if you want the job, if you want to be respected in the industry, remember that even though you’re a young girl you have to act a little older and a little wiser.”