Clockwork Revolution Release Date: A Rumor and a Hilarious Response

Fans of the upcoming steampunk RPG Clockwork Revolution are eagerly awaiting a release date. While the official date remains a mystery, a recent online rumor has sparked some speculation.

Clockwork Revolution Release Date: A Rumor and a Hilarious Response

First unveiled in 2023, Clockwork Revolution has captured the imagination of gamers with its unique blend of first-person action and historical setting. However, the wait for a release date has grown longer.

On June 14th, a Reddit user named KekanKok ignited a firestorm with a post on the platform. They shared a list of unannounced games gleaned from reviewing actor resumes on IMDB. Tucked among the entries was “CWRKRV,” found on the resume of a voice actor claiming involvement in inXile’s upcoming Xbox exclusive. This cryptic code, believed to be Clockwork Revolution, hinted at a 2025 release.

The developer wasted no time in addressing the speculation. Within hours of the leak’s emergence, inXile’s official Twitter account delivered a hilarious response. They posted a meme referencing the mind-bending Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy.” The image cleverly portrayed the “leak” as a voice actor’s creative license and playfully acknowledged the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the game’s launch date.

Clockwork Revolution release date

What the Meme Might Mean for Release?

While the meme’s lighthearted tone doesn’t reveal much, it might offer clues about the game’s development stage. AAA studios typically solidify internal release targets around the halfway point of production, when a playable alpha build exists. Given inXile’s uncertainty, it suggests Clockwork Revolution might be earlier in development, potentially pushing back the release date by several years.

Despite the lack of a confirmed date, anticipation for Clockwork Revolution remains high. Hopefully, more details about the game’s release will surface in the not-too-distant future.