Claudia Winkleman on Eyeliner Malfunctions & Slapping on Tan


British tv host Claudia Winkleman has become known for her strong beauty look – from her blunt fringe to her thick black eyeliner (often smudged), there is no missing Claudia whenever she’s on screen. Now, she has spoken on getting to grips with all things beauty, explaining that she often has beauty malfunctions but doesn’t spend time worrying about them. Claudia reveals that she has regularly been asked to try out new beauty looks but has always refused:

“Throughout my career people have said, ‘Would you not wear a lipstick with a pop of colour?’ And I say, “I don’t look good in it.” But I want to be obedient. So I’ll do it and they always go, ‘God, no… Go back to the other thing.’I’m also boring. You go through your 20s trying different things, then you hit a point where you think, “I’m too busy, I’m going to find a uniform.” I found heavy eyeliner and I was in heaven.”

Claudia has had a few red carpet eyeliner malfunctions when her makeup looked smudged and dishevelled. Explaining how they came to be, Claudia places the blame squarely on herself and says she just doesn’t focus enough while applying product:

“If it’s gone wrong it’s only because I’ve done it myself. I’ve lost my poor make-up artist shedloads of work. So I would like to officially say, when I turned up to the GQ Awards with eyeliner halfway down my face, that was NOT her. When she saw that, she was like, “Oh Claud, please. FOCUS!” I never focus.”

She is also known for her love of fake tan and she admits her lack of focus often gets the better of her then too. Claudia says her application method is to just slap it on:

“No. I’m impatient and just slap it on. I don’t even mind it when it looks bad, I did it recently and I’d left out HUGE sections but it almost looked artistic. Like I’d tried to create a Mondrian. I went with it.”