Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge Guide: Mastering the Tricky Base Layout

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge

This Clash of Clans guide will equip you with effective strategies to secure a flawless victory in the Goblin Champion Challenge.

Clash of Clans Goblin Champion Challenge Guide: Mastering the Tricky Base Layout

Prepare yourself for a daunting Town Hall 14 base that falls into the tricky category. With intimidatingly spread-out infernos and strategically placed X-Bows, cracking this base requires careful planning and execution.

Cracking this base is no easy task, but with meticulous troop placement and strategic trap triggering, victory can be yours. Let’s break down this attack into two stages.

Stage 1: Taking Down X-Bows and Triggering Traps

  • Analyze the base layout carefully before initiating your attack. Identify a defense to clear out first, then focus on the rest of the base. In this guide, we recommend starting with the X-Bows.
  • Utilize Rocket Balloons to your advantage. Drop four Rocket Loons on each side of the base to take down the three X-Bows while triggering traps.

  • On the top side, deploy two Balloons on each side to trigger the Hidden Teslas. Additionally, place one more Loon in the center to eliminate an X-Bow easily.
  • Deploy four Loons together on both sides to efficiently neutralize the X-Bows.
  • Once the primary ground threats are eliminated, it’s time to utilize the siege. Drop it on the top side of the base and move to the bottom side.
  • Employ goblin units to systematically drop them onto the bottom collectors individually. This tactic triggers traps positioned at the forefront of the base, allowing your sneaky goblins to take down outside buildings without sacrificing themselves.
  • For the two Teslas on the bottom side, deploy a single sneaky goblin to trigger the Tornado traps. Once the traps are activated, send another sneaky goblin toward the center of the base. Its primary objective is to reach the Town Hall while triggering two Giant Bombs along the way.

Stage 2: Targeting the Town Hall and Champion + Ice Golem Moves

  • The next step involves neutralizing the Twin Teslas. Deploy a Rocket Balloon on each Tesla, utilizing the remaining three to four balloons to execute this strategy. Alternatively, you can address the Twin Teslas at a later stage in the attack.
  • By this point, the Flinger should have cleared a significant portion of the base and triggered the range of the Clan Castle. Deploy both Poison spells in the path of the castle troops to eliminate them.
  • Once the Flinger is destroyed, allow the troops inside to lure out. Now, focus your attention on the Town Hall.
  • Swiftly target the Town Hall by deploying a group of 8-10 sneaky goblins on the bottom side of the base. They will move directly towards the Town Hall. Deploy the Invisibility spell just enough to hide the sneaky goblins once they reach the Town Hall.

  • With the Town Hall eliminated, it’s time to tackle the remaining structures. Deploy the Royal Champion alongside the Ice Golem on the side with fewer buildings.
  • Utilize the Royal Champion’s ability and freeze spells as needed. Use the remaining sneaky goblins and troops spread across the base to secure victory.

Armed with the strategies provided in this two-stage guide, you are now ready to execute your attacks confidently in the Goblin Champion Challenge. Remember to practice troop placement in advance and adapt your strategy to overcome this challenging base layout. Good luck, and may your assaults be successful as you claim victory in Clash of Clans!