Christy Turlington on What Beauty Means to Her & Caring for Her Skin

Top supermodel Christy Turlington’s beauty never seems to fade, and she looks just as radiant and fresh as she did in her earlier days as a model. Opening up on her skincare routine, Christy explains how she keeps her glow going. She admits that her skin type is dry so she does her best to add as much moisture as possible, even though she says it can be difficult. She often relies on her Imedeen skin supplements to further boost her skin which she says works wonders and she even thinks it makes more sense than applying creams:

“I have good skin, but it’s dry – drier than you would think considering I have Latin skin. It’s fairly transparent, too, so I’m constantly trying to give it nourishment and moisture, but nothing really holds. To take a supplement that works from the inside out, rather than the outside in, makes so much more sense to me. It’s like that classic adage, we are what we eat.”

On how she sees beauty, Christy believes that as she gets older she does see how beauty is something that comes from inside and that we learn from everything we experience along the way:

“You know, all these sentiments about beauty coming from within, they’ve always resonated when I’ve read them, but it takes a bit of living to truly appreciate them. To realise we are so much more than our experiences, that we are who we are because of the lessons we’ve learnt, now that’s what true ‘beauty’ is for me.”