Christina Hendricks on Redhead Beauty & Her Favourite Makeup


‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks has opened up on dying her hair that signature bold red colour that has now become a big part of her look. She reveals that she was just 10-years-old when she first became interested in having red hair, and her mother helped her get the look even from a young age, not realizing she would keep it up in to adulthood:

”When I was 10 years old, redheads always intrigued me. Especially Anne of Green Gables, and my mum said, ‘Let’s just throw a rinse on that!’ Little did she know she opened a can of worms. I still love my hair as red as I can get it!”

Commenting on the favourite makeup look that she usually likes to wear, Christina says she loves blush because it makes her complexion look more perky. She adds that it’s the first thing she applies to her skin when she wakes up in the morning and thinks it makes a huge difference to her look:

”I always have on blush, even when I’m not wearing anything else. It makes me look alive. It’s the first thing I put on when I wake up, and [my husband, actor Geoffrey Arend] just thinks I have naturally flushed cheeks!”

She often completes her makeup with some retro inspired black eyeliner along the upper lashes and also likes to wear a bright lip in a feminine red or pink shade:

”I do black liquid eyeliner along my top lashes, rosy cheeks, and pink, red, or coral lips. That feels the most me.”