Christian Louboutin Doesn’t Think About Comfort When Designing

Famed Paris-based shoe designer Christian Louboutin has revealed that he never considers how comfortable a design is. He commented that although he does focus on making the shoe correctly, he isn’t interested in his pieces being the most comfortable and instead focuses on making them awe-inspiring. Louboutin comments that he is more interested in the reaction a shoe gets because of its appearance

”I don’t think of comfort when designing a shoe. You can’t. Of course, things need to be done properly – a shoe is made to be walked in – but creatively I’m not thinking about comfort at all. The first emotion I want to provoke is, ‘How beautiful! How sexy!’ I don’t want people to think, ‘How comfortable!’ ”

Speaking on Duchess Kate Middleton’s unique sense of style, Christian says he likes how she dresses and even reveals that his close friend Victoria Beckham gifted her a pair of boots. He also likes when she wears his own designs:

”I have all respect for what Kate Middleton is doing. I know that Victoria Beckham offered her a pair of my boots and she looked great in them. She’s been photographed wearing my boots. She looked fantastic.” Christian decided to leave school at 13 to focus on his design career but he insists his parents didn’t mind because he was focused on something positive and wanted to create: ”They were fine with it. I was still a very nice boy. I wasn’t like, ‘I hate you, f**k off, I’m taking drugs.’ I was a cute boy.”