Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Top Beauty Secret for Alert Eyes


Top model Chrissy Teigen has revealed how she makes the skin around her eyes look alert and fresh in the morning, even when she has to get up early. The currently pregnant beauty explains that she stores her eye cream in the freezer and it has a cooling affect when applied upon waking. She also swears by under-eye masks to revitalise the area:

“Oh god that’s hard. I mean besides all of the under-eye masks I use in the morning, I put my eye cream in the freezer. Having it nice and chilled and cold for you makes a big difference. It really wakes you up and I have really early call-times, so it helps.”

Chrissy adds that she’s a big fan of cult beauty hit Crème de la Mer because it suits her skin type and keeps her moisturised. She has also noticed that the company’s body lotion helps prevent stretch marks too:

“I’ve been using it for nearly 10 years now. I love the body cream. I can’t use anything else because I don’t know what it is about my skin, but I get stretch marks, so I really need to feel like it’s preventing something and I really feel like Crème de la Mer is thick enough to really help me out. The original skin cream is fantastic too; I can’t use other creams because I don’t feel they actually penetrate my skin. With all the make-up I have to wear it’s great.”

The model explains that she loves their entire product range and also swears by their eye concentrate which she says is an essential part of her daily beauty routine:

“The Eye Concentrate is an everyday essential, and now the new oil is on my list too. I will use other serums, but I love that. It is great for flying: I walk off the plane better-looking than when I walked on.”