Chloe Madeley was “shocked and outraged” after having an argument with a mother-shamer over child safety seats in cars

Chloe Madeley was "shocked and outraged" after having an argument with a mother-shamer over child safety seats in cars

The 35-year-old Instagram poster vented her anger on Sunday after posting a photo of her 6-month-old daughter Bodhi sitting on her boyfriend James Haskell’s lap in the backseat of a car.

Chloe Madeley was “shocked and appalled” following an argument with a mommy-shamer about child safety seats

Chloe was confronted by a bystander who demanded to know, “Why isn’t your child in a car seat?! How irresponsible,’ to which the fitness influencer replied: ‘Because it’s a taxi, look it up.”

(Source: Instagram/@Chloe Madeley)

Chloe said,  ‘Taxi or not – shame on you,” prompting Chloe to respond: ‘Understanding the law is not your forte. Do you think you’re more informed than the law?

“How dare you insinuate that because we’re in a 10 minute taxi ride where legally our child under the age of 3 sits on our lap, that I’m a bad mother. You are the worst of us women. Go away. Get a grip. Get a life.”

Traveling children under the age of three are not required to wear a seat belt, but all children aged three and up should ride in the backseat.

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Chloe screamed, “Women who’ve never met me or my baby thinking they care more about her than I do never fails to shock and disgust me.”

“Rest assured I don’t make a safety conscious decision without first researching it (and getting multiple second opinions from friends and family.)”

“Keep your side of the street clean and don’t worry about mine.”

(Source: Instagram/@Chloe Madeley)

After an interview in which she discussed returning to work eight weeks after the birth of her daughter Bodhi, Chloe defended husband James, who was the target of online harassment.

The personal trainer defended her family to The Mirror after confessing it was a matter of “pride” that she returned to work just two months after giving child.

“James obviously makes a great income and he’s my partner and that’s fantastic, but we don’t have a joint account. We’ve always had separate accounts and I think that’s a bit of a pride thing with me.”

She went on, “Next time, if I get pregnant again, I’m absolutely not doing it. I will swallow my pride, I will jump in on James’ account and take at least six months.”

The businesswoman and daughter of Richard and Judy added that after the interview James had received internet trolling for being a slacker to his family.

Chloe, however, argued that this was far from the truth.

She said, “My husband and I bought our first property in North West London between the spring and winter of 2022, renovated it, furnished it, and had a baby.” This was her explanation for returning to work only five months after giving birth to their daughter.

“I’m not sure if anybody knows this, but these things do actually cost money.”

“My husband doesn’t pay the tax man in old England kit because he once played rugby, and I don’t pay people in pictures of my daughter Bodhi or signed autographs of my parents.”

‘We actually work for a living like everybody else does.” 

Chloe elaborated, ‘Just because you’re a mother that doesn’t mean you stop working (though fair play to those that do, being a mother is a full time job in and of itself).

“It doesn’t mean that you become financially dependent on your husband.”