Chloe Lloyd on How Contouring and Highlighting Changed Her Makeup Routine


British beauty Chloe Lloyd has shared how learning to contour and highlight her face has completely changed her makeup routine, and she’s now obsessed with always applying the correct makeup to the various parts of her face. She’s also glad she hasn’t heavily plucked her brows and fills them in with an eyeshadow:

”Contouring and highlighting the bridge of my nose and cheekbones has changed my life, I’m obsessed with it. Being told not to pluck my eyebrows when I was younger has paid off too. I use a MAC eyeshadow and brush to fill them in at the moment, though sometimes I just use a pencil.”

Sharing her top selfie taking tips, Chloe says good lighting is key and also to have fun in the photos:

”Good lighting. And don’t over-edit or look too serious. Pout, but not with conviction. Pout like it’s an accident.”

Revealing more about her beauty regime, Chloe says she keeps it quite simple, always removing her makeup and applying a moisturiser:

”I’m low-maintenance definitely. I take my make-up off, apply moisturiser, and put Bio-Oil on my skin if it’s dry. Sometimes I use a facial tanner.”

She makes sure to keep her figure in top shape and regularly hits the gym. She even has her own personal trainer who keeps her figure in check because she often has to force herself to work out:

”I’ve got a gym in my apartment building, so I have to go. I have a personal trainer who helps too. I never overdo the gym because I don’t actually like it.”